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My Favorite! 4 strand Rose Agate, Shell, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Hematite, Crystal

4 strand Blue Quartz, Jade, Pearl

3 strand Purple Mother of Pearl Shell, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Pearl, Crystal

Sometimes a girl needs to have just the right item for your special night out.  Something that sets you apart from the rest.  That’s when you need something like one of the above necklaces from Pamela Goose.  She is a brilliantly talented jewelry designer based in Northern Virginia.  This beautiful fashionista began designing jewelry 14 years ago.  It all started out of necessity, as she was constantly looking for a statement piece to complete her outfits.  I was transfixed by the one she was wearing the day we met.  That led me to a second meeting, to shop for myself and to learn more about these treasures.

As we met for coffee I gazed at the table full of her treasures that she brought to show me. I was overwhelmed with the unique beauty in her designs.  ”I created them, wore them to work and literally sold them right off my neck!” she shares with me as I drool over her necklaces.  The thing that strikes me is that the materials are so special and unique, like nothing I have seen in the stores.  Each necklace dazzles with the perfect balance of opalescent sparkle and deep rich tones.  ”I love using authentic stones, crystals and freshwater pearls! Each one is one of a kind, so your piece is special! ” explains Goose.

As a fashion stylist I am so excited to share her pieces with you because I believe we should all have a few special accessories that are truly unique in our wardrobes.  Nothing beats a on-of-a-kind necklace.  Leave me a comment if you are interested in purchasing one of her exquisite pieces.  And remember that I am always available to help you analyze, accessorize, and update your wardrobe so you can style just the right outfit to match your new necklace!  -Meredith

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