Your Turn To Be The Model | Meredith Ehler | Nothern Virginia Fashion Sytlist

It’s your turn to be the model!  Book a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with Angela Goodhart of Goodhart Photography and be transformed into a more glamorous you!

I did hair, makeup and styled these lovely ladies to be our models for this shoot. They are both in their 20′s, (one is a stay-at-home mom!)  and planning to surprise their husbands with a photo for Valentine’s Day.

To prepare for your shoot, go through your closet and accessories and plan a few glamorous outfits.  Consider having your hair curly and full of volume to give your photos that romantic feel.  False eyelashes and red lips instantly push a photo over the top.

These days we are so busy that we need to remember to take time out and have fun! Being girly and treating your husband or special someone should be high on our list of priorities.  I hope to be styling you soon!  -Meredith


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