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GET MORE ORGANIZED!  I wonder how many of us have this as one of our New Year’s resolutions.   There is nothing like living in an organized space.  It’s so much easier to function when there is a place for everything, and everything is in it’s place.

I just got this email from Kirkland’s.  A storage bench like this one should be in every home!  We have a long, brown, leather one in our basement filled to the brim with Lego’s. I have also seen similar items at Target and Costco from time to time.  Pieces like this are great because they are multi-purpose.  They serve as coffee tables, extra seating as well as storage.

Protect your investment!  If you do get a fabric covered one I highly recommend using Scotch Guard before you put it in your house.  You can buy a can anywhere from Wal*Mart to Home Depot.  In a well ventilated area I would spray a light even coat over the entire piece of furniture.  Let it dry and repeat.  I did this to a pair of cute “keds” white, cloth flats I bought my daughter.  Please do a test patch first to make sure it doesn’t harm the furniture.  -Meredith


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