Bold Brows | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Loudoun County, Virginia

Brows are meant to frame your face.  When well shaped they add balance and definition. Whether you have have brows like my model Taylor’s or only dream of having them, you can definitely achieve a bolder look this fall.

If you do have full brows then it is imperative you keep them well shaped.  Well groomed brows can add a finishing touch to your face.  If they are too full then can detract from your overall beauty.  Consider making an appointment with a professional makeup artist like me, or going to a salon and having them threaded or waxed.  Once they are cleaned up they will frame your face beautifully, being an enhancement, not a distraction.

If you don’t have enough to make a statement brow, then enhance what you do have.  My go-to quick brow filler is dark eyeshadow applied with a flat liner brush.  I fill in my own brows every day, and extend the tip a bit, making my brows appear longer.  Elongating my brows frames my face in a way that creates a more balanced look.  It would be like applying eye shadow and mascara, but not applying eyeliner.  Something appears missing.  I apply shadow that matches my brows with a flat brush which replicates the exact size and look of my eyebrow hairs.

Another recommended technique is adding in volume with an eyebrow pencil.  Using a brow pencil will work better than using an eye liner pencil because brow pencils are thinner and customized to give you the look of a wispy hair, not a thick line like an eyeliner gives.

Finish it off with a coat of a product like MAC’s Brow Set.  It comes in a clear coating as well as in colors to match your brows.  What shape are your brows in? -Meredith

Photo courtesy of Goodhart Photography

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