An Organized Closet in Just 2 Hours! | Meredith Ehler | Professional Organizer | Sterling, Virginia


A clean closet!  A dream for so many.  Well, it can be a reality!  And in as little as 2 hours!

Getting dressed should be easy and enjoyable.   But reality for many of us is very different.  Is your closet like this “After” picture OR like the below “Before” picture?

None of us seem to have the time to get caught up on life’s to-do list, let alone or organize our closets!  That is where I come in!

A client called me last week and said she wanted to have me organize her husbands’ closet as a surprise for him.  I was very excited to accept the challenge.  I am happy to say that in just 2 short hours his closet went from messy and stressful to organized and beautiful!

After seeing the below “Before” picture, it should come as no surprise that the lucky husband was thrilled!  He said being able to see all of his clothing and accessories organized and easily accessible has already changed his daily routine for the better.

The clients are both happy and I gave them a few suggestions on how to utilize the space even better.  I suggested they buy new, slim, felt hangers, which have rounded edges so they won’t leave any bumps in the shoulders of the shirts.  Also, having specialized hooks for ties, belts and baseball caps will finish off the space perfectly.  Allowing the client to see and access every accessory easily, and being able to place them back into their spots makes maintenance a breeze!

Leave me a comment below if you are ready to transform your closet!  -Meredith

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