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My favorite thing about my job is when I have the opportunity to help someone realize how beautiful they are.  I just had a client come over for a “Makeup Makeover”.  She brought her makeup bag with her and we talked about the contents and about her makeup routine.  I like getting to know how my clients approach their face of makeup, it tells me a lot about them. Once I learn about their current routine I then can help them re-design a new, more fabulous face plan for them.

Maybe you prioritize time, maybe simplicity, maybe you are bold and adventurous and want a new, trendy look.  No matter what your style is, I can help.  Of course, working with you in person would be so much fun, but here are a few tips for you to enjoy until then.

1. When in doubt throw it out!  

Every so often we need to give our makeup drawer a makeover!  Start by giving your makeup a “sniff test”.  I recommend to all of my clients that they periodically throw out some of their makeup.  When makeup develops a smell that seems odd or there is now a smell where there was previously not a smell, just toss it!  Makeup can grow bacteria which can cause infections so it’s better to be safe and get rid of it if you notice it changing.

Dry makeup like eyeshadows tend to last longer than liquid or cream makeup.  Lip glosses and mascaras tend to go bad the quickest. It’s a good idea to wipe off dry makeup occasionally to keep the top layer fresh.

2. Cheap is chic!

Don’t be afraid to mix cheap  makeup with expensive.  I love ELF mascara, brushes, primers and powders.  But I never skimp on lipsticks or lipglosses.  There are a few things that you do not have to splurge on…look for that blog post soon!

3.  Try a new look!

Every once in a while try a new color or product.  Having a girlfriend do your makeup or visiting a makeup counter and buying a new product like a primer or a new eye or lip color is a great way to keep your look fresh!  It’s important to keep our styles current and prevent us from getting into a makeup rut.  And new technology is actually making it easier to look better!  Primers help makeup go on smoothly and can reduce the look of wrinkles.  So go and play around with something new.

4.  Invest in tools of the trade!

There are somethings that you cannot do without.  Brushes are the most important tool in my kit.  I recommend investing in brushes that are specifically designed to do a certain step in your makeup routine.  That is the key to looking amazing without having to do a lot of work.  Using the right brush in the right way is the key to a great face!

Have fun ladies!  Be daring and try something new!  Send me a picture or a comment about what you try!  -Meredith


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