Reflections from A Real Housewife | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Too much TV is bad for you – right? Well, as a self-proclaimed TV addict I choose to look at my favorite pass-time as inspirational.  Yes, sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not actually friends with Caroline Manzo.  As much as I would like to hang out with her and the rest of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she and I have not actually met – yet!  So in the meantime, I continue to enjoy my real relationships with real girlfriends here in Sterling, Va, and I use my girlfriends on my TV screen as inspiration to live life more beautifully.

Those crazy housewife shows are all about living life out loud.  So many of us in the suburbs are accustomed to driving our cars straight into the garage and putting the garage door down and have very little interaction with actual people.  We need to realize that life is richer with real relationships.  My answer to living life out loud is having as much girl-time as possible.  I like to have friends over.  I love to entertain.  I don’t need an excuse either.  A luncheon or girls night in can have a theme but don’t wait for an occasion to host a special gathering-create one!

Another way these  mavens of drama inspire me is that they make every aspect of thier life glamorous and beautiful.  As a makeup artist I love wearing makeup but sometimes I get lazy.  I usually don’t bother looking “done” unless I am attending an event.  But I feel so much better when I take the time to take care of myself.  I understand if a smokey eye may not be your thing, but consider taking a few extra minutes to accessorize, or put on lip gloss and mascara even when you are in sweats and a pony tail.  But just like Theresa and Melissa, you may see me at the local Bloom with a smokey eye and a teased bump in my hair.  Don’t be alarmed, I am just adding a little drama to my life!

Take a second and Look around your house and see where you could add a little beauty. Pull out a beautiful tray you use only at Christmas and dinner parties.  Challenge yourself to use it somewhere in your house.  Serve bread on it with a regular ol’ dinner, use it on the counter to hold your mail, or bring it up to your bedroom to display jewelry on your dresser or your bathroom and display your favorite makeup and perfumes.   It can really help you to feel special and princessey on those days that feel more like “Groundhog Day”.

I strongly suggest that you all try to find somewhere in your life where you can add a little more beauty, glamour or drama.  Take a minute to look around be inspired! -Meredith




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