Tres Chic – High School Senior Portraits | Fashion Stylist | Meredith Ehler | Loudoun County, VA

Styling senior portraits is one of my favorite parts of my job!  And in this instance, the high school senior is also a model.  I had a blast styling Taylor’s hair, makeup and clothing.  I decided to style her in some of my vintage Chanel because she LOVES fashion and having modeled in NYC, I knew she would make everything look amazing! She looked great in everything from a full length gown to a Chanel mini-skirt.

Before a photo shoot, it is a great idea to spend some time planning out what you will wear.  Ask the photographer how many clothing changes are planned for the shoot.  Go through your wardrobe and choose outfits that you are comfortable in and reflect who you are.  Don’t forget to accessories them as well.  Choose shoes, jewelry, headbands or hair accessories, and the right undergarments for each outfit.   Even planning your hair and makeup before the shoot really makes a difference.  The final photos will looked more professional and pulled together.  - Meredith

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