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Organized Necklaces.


How is everyone doing?  I hope you are ready for another challenge!  We are organizing our jewelry today!  Let’s dive right in and start detangling!

I love the look of a perfectly coordinated outfit, right down to the rings on your fingers.  But accessorizing can be a hassle, adding extra time to your morning routine trying to find the mate to an earring or realizing that the scarf you wanted to wear is crumpled up in the bottom of your scarf drawer.  If things are out in the open and arranged nicely it’s easy to add accessories and to give you a polished look.

I use belt and tie racks to arrange necklaces and scarves.  They hang items without getting tangled or wrinkled.  And I can see them all at once so I can grab one and go!  I put silver/cool toned necklaces on one side and gold/warm tones on the other which saves me time while I am hunting for just the right pieces.

Jewelry hanging organizers are great for earrings, rings, bracelets, pins and hair accessories.  I color coordinate each side as well so that means I only have to look in one area for what I need.

I recommend you make a special place near your kitchen to place your most worn jewelry, either a corner of a drawer or maybe a cute tray on a counter.  I put ring holders near all the sinks I frequent for hand washing so my rings are not misplaced or washed down the drain. Having ring holders or cute, decorative trays to hold your jewelry makes it easy to find your fave’s and they will never be misplaced.

Remember, purge and get rid of the pieces you don’t use or need anymore.  Donate them to someone who will treasure your treasures!  -Meredith


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