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My brushes at a shoot with Goodhart Photography.

My brushes at a shoot with Goodhart Photography.

Treat yourself to a more organized life!  This is our third post in our organization challenge for 2013.  You are doing so well!  Don’t stop now.  Keep baby-stepping forward.  If you are just joining us now, you can easily jump in.  Just start where we are and when you are done with this step, go scroll down and look at the last posts.

We started by purging up to 10 items from our closets.  And then donating them to a friend or someone in need.  The second challenge was to dare to look under your bed.  Cleaning our the dark corners of our lives really frees us.  Peace is our goal!

Organizing our makeup is our next challenge.

Please clean out your drawers, bins, baskets and Kaboodles!  It’s time to get rid of anything that is crusty, discolored, or has an odor that should not be there.  Make up has a shelf life and once it is expired it can be unhealthy, growing bacteria that you do not want to come into contact with your face.

As you go though your makeup consider this – dry products last longer than liquid or cream products.  I always encourage clients to ditch their mascaras once they no longer seem moist and smooth.  If your mascara is cakey and dry then it is past it’s prime.

If you use applicators that come with the products they should be washed whenever the makeup buildup prevents the makeup from going on smoothly.  If at all possible, I recommend you trashing them and treating yourself to a makeup brush instead.  Weather you have a Target, Ulta, and makeup counter budget, you can find a brush that works for you.  Check out my previous post on how to keep them clean:   Makeup Brush Care.

Look for anything that appears to have changed color or texture or smell since you bought it.  Don’t worry about how long you have had it.  It’s more about the condition it is in today.  I have had some eye shadows for years and some mascaras only last a few weeks.  Good luck and invite your friends to do this with you!  Please click below on the Facebook tab and share this post on your Facebook page.  We need to encourage each other. I would love it if all us girls were getting more organized together!  Especially the teens and tweens!  Leave me a comment so I can hear how this is going!  -Meredith


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