A More Organized 2013! | Meredith Ehler | Life Stylist | Loudoun County, Virginia

New Year – New Closet!  Stay with me friends!  We can do this!  Each week I am going to encourage you to address another part of your life!  Even if your home is not cluttered, everyone can use a nudge to re-organize some part of their life.  In my last post I encouraged us all to remove a few unused items from our closets.  I hope you all gave it a shot.  Getting dressed each morning in an organized room or closet is such a great way to start the day!

This time I encourage you to clean under your bed!  I know, it can be scary!  But if you are someone that stores things under your bed I want you to revisit that dark and dusty space and clean it out a bit.  This week take a few minutes to pull things out and sort out the items into 2 piles:  keep and donate.   Try to get rid of about 25% of what is under there.  Store the rest back under the bed.  Utilizing under the bed space is a wise use of space but it needs to be cleaned from time to time.  Hopefully knowing there is now less stuff under the bed will help you sleep even better tonight!

Take what you don’t need and donate it to a friend who could use a treat, or give it to a person in need.  Well done everyone! Check back next week so we can keep up the great work!


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