A Christmas Tablescape – Step by Step | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

my centerpiece on my dining room table.

Here is another way to dress up your table.  I used a sleigh full of antique ornaments as my centerpiece.  You can use anything you like!

my table.


find a box.

My daughter’s Christmas present arrived in this box on this very day.  It was the perfect height to start building upon.

drape it.

Drape the box with linens.  I used a white table cloth and covered that with a sheer patterned fabric.  Choose fabrics that work with your color scheme.  You can also use a few yards of fabric, just tuck under the edges.  My sheer fabric is not finished on any of the ends.

layer it with fabric.

another layer.

I top off the 2 layers with a layer of tulle.   It’s an inexpensive fabric that adds a lot of dimension.  This actually has a bit of silver shimmer in it.

add your focal point.

I added my sleigh and 2 urns on mirrored platforms.

antique ornaments fill the sleigh beautifully.

Try using a tray or platter you already own and top it with something beautiful.  You could fill a tray with candles surrounded with pine-cones as a centerpiece.   Or fill a glass bowl with ornaments and place it on a tray layered with fresh pine branches.  -Meredith


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