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Now that Thanksgiving is a few days behind us it’s time to drag out those bins and boxes from the attic, basement, and crawl spaces and get decorating for Christmas!  I am so impressed by some of you who have already begun and perhaps even finished!  Well done!  Now you can simply relax and enjoy the season – or should I say now you can go and tackle the other thousands of things that need to be done this month!

unpacking my bins of decor.

I usually need to clear away some of my regular home decor to make room for all of the things that are coming out for the holidays.  I pack them up in the empty Christmas bins and until it’s time to take down Christmas.

Being well prepared will make your decorating go smoothly and save you trips back to the store.  Head out to Home Depot, Walmart or Target and load up on a fresh batch of cords, hooks, and lights.  I bought all of the above this year and it was so nice having them on-hand instead of running all over the house and stealing an extension cord from a spare room.

Use a foot controlled extension cord.

I also treated myself to a few foot-operated extension cords.  They can be used for Christmas trees as well as any lights you have put up around your house.  I use a foot cord for my banister lights too.  They save time and prevent a sore back, especially when you have as many lights as we have in our house.  It seems to take forever to unplug them all!  Now I just go around and click all the buttons with my foot and the lights are out without me bending over and fumbling for plugs inevitably hidden far behind the Christmas tree!

craft wire is a necessity when building custom garland.

It’s very helpful to also have a plethora of wire and wire cutters, and wire ornament hangers in different sizes on hand.  As you build your garland for your mantle and banister, or you go to adorn a wreath with ornaments, having a spool of thing craft wire and/or ornament hangers that are long and pliable, allows you to dress your wreath quickly and you will be confident that the ornaments and ribbons will not come loose.

Have fun creating your beautiful holiday home!    -Meredith



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