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Halloween has risen to be one of the most popular holidays for which we decorate.  I enjoy decorating to celebrate a Tuesday so I of course enjoy decking the Halloween halls.  Here are some fun pictures to hopefully inspire some extra-special fun in your house this Halloween!

Halloween Centerpiece

Above is a picture of my kitchen table.  The tablecloth is actually a black and white drapery panel.  Upon which I have placed a black silk scarf from Nordstrom.  Then I placed the same mirrored tiles I have blogged about in my everyday tablescape.   A few pumpkin scented votives, crystal scatter, wired ribbon and some sparkly pumpkins fill the space.  The trees are from a clearance sale last year at a discount store and I threw in a few Christmas ornaments that I set aside because they are the colors of fall.

My Kitchen Chandelier

Of course I never leave a chandelier bare in my house.  I propped up some Halloween trees and tied some candy corn ornaments on their tops.  I have twisted around ribbon and swagged the candy corn garland around the base.

How It All Began!

So here’s the mess that starts it all!  Yes, I have a nice husband that allows me to clog up our storage spaces with all of these “necessities”.  I am blessed!  But I may need decor therapy!  -Meredith


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