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Before each client I have a routine for prepping my makeup, brushes and work area.  An important part of the routine is cleaning my brushes.  Recently, I posted about the importance of investing in good quality brushes and how taking are of them will extend their life to last decades.  Each brush has a specific job to do and makeup built up over time prevents the brush from being able to do it’s job.  A reader shared with me how she read my post and decided to cleaned her brushes for the first time in a long time and she felt as if she had just bought a brand new set of brushes!


Cleaning my brushes.


You won’t believe how washing your brushes will improve the quality of your makeup application.   I keep a bottle of brush cleaner and a plastic cup in my makeup cabinet so I can clean my brushes easily.  I use a brush cleaner from MAC.  It is similar to a simple shampoo or a dish soap which can be substituted if you would like.  Use a very small amount, about the size of a pea and dilute it in about a cup or 2 of warm water.  I swish the brushes around gently, being careful not to break the bristles.  If they are heavily soiled with makeup you can first wipe the brush onto a dark washcloth or a disposable cloth.  I have a few dark brown wash clothes to use with my makeup so I never see a stain.  Set aside brushes on a towel for rinsing later.


Some brushes may need to be cleaned a few times to remove dark makeup.  It can be necessary to use many cups of this solution because brushes that are very dirty will muddy the water quickly.   After all are clean I then swish each brush in the same cup this time filled with clean cool water.  Larger brushes can be shaken out a bit into the sink to remove excess water, then gently towel dried.  Each brush is gently dried with a towel, reshaping the bristles.


Drying my brushes.


I set out the damp brushes on their sides, slightly tilted brush end down.  This is important because you do not want water running down into the brush itself.  This will cause the brush to come loose and the bristles and brush head may detach from the handle.  Let the brushes dry on their sides for a few hours or over night.  Then enjoy your clean, rejuvenated brushes!  -Meredith


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