Makeup Brushes Make the Difference | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia


My brushes at a shoot with Goodhart Photography.

Ever wonder how makeup artists make your makeup look so good?  The answer is: brushes.  Well, and talent, but seriously, brushes make the difference!  I learned this many years ago while I was working at Nordstrom.  I was selling designer clothing and I needed a designer look for my makeup too.   My trés chic manager sent me to the MAC counter to have my face done and a favorite makeup artist of mine explained why I should invest in great brushes.

When I was younger I modeled and danced my way around the DC beltway.  I would use the applicators that came with the cosmetics to put on my stage makeup.  If you have these in your makeup collection toss them out!  They are not doing us any favors!  Applicators don’t allow you the control and finesse that you get with a brush.  I did have some cheap brushes as well but once I tried the professional quality brushes I couldn’t go back.

Each brush accomplishes a specific task.  A few may be multi-taskers, but for the most part, the brush will do it’s job for you, making you look like a pro!  I recommend investing in a few brushes:  a liner brush, one for shadow in the crease of your lid, one that covers your lid with shadow, and a blush/powder brush.

I am still using the very same brushes I bought years back at Nordstrom.  If you take care of them they will last literally decades.  The best way to take care of them is to gently clean them with a brush cleaner, dry them laying on their side so no water runs down into the handle, which could cause the brush to separate from the handle.  If you travel with them keep them protected so that the bristles don’t become bent.

Treat yourself to a brush for your next splurge.  And have me over sometime -I love coming to a client’s home and helping you clean out and organize your makeup drawer!  I will leave you with an overview of how to use what you have creatively and properly, and give you a shopping list of what would make your beauty collection complete.    -Meredith





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