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A long-term client of mine is starting a new business venture and she hired me to come into her closet to style her wardrobe.  I discussed her new position with her and we determined that her new position calls for her to be chic but not trendy, conservative but not boring, feminine but not flirty.  Tasked with the job to style a few fabulous outfits from her current wardrobe, I went to work.

We started each look with an item I call an “anchor piece”.  The anchor piece is the item of clothing around which all other pieces of the look are chosen.  This can be a person’s favorite piece that they wear all of the time like a basic blazer.  It can also be an item that has a lot of style or personality but doesn’t get worn often because it’s not clear how it should be styled.  That means a waste of money, which I hate!  So I was determined to utilize all of her strong, anchor pieces, whether they be her favorites or just pieces that I knew would make a statement.

Take a minute to take a close look at your own closet.  Identify your anchor pieces.  Make sure clothing is clean and that there are no visible signs of wear and tear.  If there are, take them to a dry cleaner and or tailor to see if they can be freshened up or fixed.

This goes for jewelry as well.  I love costume jewelry because it is a quick and affordable way to add style and trends to your personal style.  But costume jewelry can often show wear and tear after just a few wearings.  I did ask my client to pick up a few great jewelry pieces like a pair of silver and a pair of gold large, slim hoop earrings, a few cuffs, and fun statement pieces like a large, whimsical ring, to up the “diva ante” on an otherwise conservative outfit.

Needless to say she was thrilled and she felt like she had a new wardrobe.  I left her with these photos, snapped with her phone, of each pairing so that she could see them easily and get dressed without stress.  -Meredith

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