Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea | Meredith Ehler | Life Stylist | Washington, DC

Looking for a last minute gift idea?  A gift card to is a great and easy idea.  Services from make a great gift for friends, co-workers and family.  Consider sending this link as a suggestion to anyone who may be trying to find just the right gift for you!



I look forward to meeting you in 2014!  God bless you and to those of you that celebrate  -  Merry Christmas!  -Meredith

Decorate Your Dining Room For Christmas | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, VA



I love decorating my dining room in icy silver colors.  I added touches to my chandelier by draping sparkly, silver garland over it.  I usually add layers of greenery, ribbons, ornaments, and crystals, but this year I kept it simple.


Last year I came up with a creative option for garland and it became the focal point of my tree.  This is actually recycled package stuffing that I spray-painted silver.  This year I delegated the tree to my daughter and she made it even more spectacular!  She used the evergreen picks that I usually use on my chandelier and instead stuffed the tree with them. I love what she did with it!  It’s so rich and full looking.  Not bad for a tree we got from Target on an after-Christmas sale.


I love this sleigh that my mother gave me.  It’s a treasure.  I usually fill it with my antique ornaments.  I love the way they look spilling over.


I added white tulle to the top of my buffet.  I originally had it without but it looked too dark.  I wanted it to feel lighter and more snowy.  I took a small piece of white tulle that I bought from Jo-Anne’s for a few dollars and spread it out under the current display.  I love the way it looks now. It works with the feel of the rest of the room.



Even the corners are full of poinsettias.  I don’t want any space to be empty! Merry Christmas!  -Meredith

Extraodinary Christmas Decor | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Loudoun County, VA

***Welcome Pink Polka Dot Productions readers!***

A very merry Christmas to you!  I hope your decorating is going well and that you are inspired to mix things up a bit this year!  For even more decorating inspiration, take a few minutes and peruse my past Christmas posts.  You can find them on the right side of the screen.  Search by category or just click on past Decembers.

I get tired of my Christmas decorations after looking at them year after year.  I like to add embellishments to change them up a bit so they feel fresh again.  If you go to my previous Christmas post from 2012 you will see these same cones displayed with different accent pieces.  This year I grouped them together for a huge impact and kept the color scheme simple.


After looking at it for a day or two, I decided a few of the cones needed a little something.


I added wired ribbon to two cones.


And a green ornament as a star atop the tallest “tree”.  I rounded out the display with a few of my Christmas Krinkle ornaments.


Oh, and don’t tell anyone but the cones are from Walmart from a few years back.  The green tree in the center and the 2 white santas are from Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I always recommend that if you see something you like, buy more than one!  Displaying multiples of the same item creates a big impact. -Meredith

How-To Make A Christmas Bow | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Sterling, Virginia

You can make your own bows!  It’s easy.  Choose a couple of yards of your favorite ribbon and follow my step-by-step instructions.  Save money by never buying another pre-made bow again!


Start with a few yards of ribbon, preferable wire-edged, some wire and wire clippers.  You don’t have to use wire, but it is pretty easy, most can even be cut with scissors.  But you can tie it with anything you choose.  String or twisties from produce bags from the grocery store work very well.


Start by making a large looped circle of the ribbon.  The larger the loop of ribbon, the larger your bow will be.  The more you loop the ribbon around, the more parts to the bow there will be.  I have looped this ribbon 3 times so each side will have 3 loops when they are opened up.

Pinch the middle of the ribbon loop and secure it with wire.


Start to separate the ribbon loops.  If the ribbon is wire-edged it will hold the shape you put it in.


You can make the loops straight or they can have a ruffled edge.


You can stop here – that is officially a bow!  But for my purpose I am adding a long tail.


I took the desired length of ribbon, folded it in half, and attached it to the center of the bow with wire.  I hid the wire within the folds of the ribbon fabric.


Now my new bows hang from the sconces in my hall way.  I love how the white ribbon brightens up the display. -Meredith