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I first found Ekster about nine years ago when it was a quaint home-decor shop in Leesburg.  Now, located a few minutes further west, on a ten acre farm, Ekster has transformed into a destination that promises to fulfill the dreams of even the most persnickety shopper.  Filled with antiques from near and far, and one of a kind eclectic pieces, you will no-doubtedly find that perfect piece (or pieces) to compliment your decor.  And you may even pass a friendly goat or a chicken as you shop.

As you walk the property, drinking in the beautiful pastoral scenery, the barn and other buildings on the property shimmer with crystal chandeliers that hang above the comfortably staged tables.  Perfectly aged urns from France line the barn’s exterior, each one more beautiful than the last.  The surroundings always leave me inspired!

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The visionary behind Ekster Antiques is owner Caroline Verschoor.  She has an innate way of putting together the perfect mix of old and new, shabby and chic, and comfort and glitz.  I asked her to share her approach to her business with my readers.  It is obvious Caroline hand picks what she sells, this is not a warehouse sale, this is an exquisite boutique…in a barn.

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Caroline explains, “For me, things have to exude something, whether it’s art, or a piece of furniture.  I would never just “throw” a cabinet on my sales floor, tag it and sell it.  No, the cabinet I purchase is well-thought-about, i.e. Would I buy it? And if I did, where would I put it, and how would I display it.  So, when I set up, I place the cabinets on walls, and I create a scene (a mise-en-scene In French) which would include the antique books one might display in such a vignette, and other collectibles.  I then put sofas, chairs and a table in the middle with books and candles and horns and other great finds, as if it appears that the people who were in that room just minutes ago, just got up and will be back shortly.  That is my thing”.

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“I really buy each and every piece with my heart, not with my wallet”, says Verschoor.  You will quickly see that this is true, even if you are visiting their tent at Lucketts, one just wants to be enveloped by the surrounding decor.

Caroline invites all of you to come and experience this one-of-a-kind place for yourself. “For me, my barn, or whatever building I am working from, becomes my canvas, and I completely immerse myself into it, until every direction I look, I see all the hard work paid off, and the picture finally perfectly pieced together” .

Ekster Antiques is located at 38532 Pheasant Hill Lane, Hamilton VA 20158.  Mapquest should get you there or see their website eksterantiques.com for a map and directions. Children are welcome (the bunnies, chickens, mini goats and dogs would love some company).  See you there!  -Meredith