Let The Holiday Decorating Begin! | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Potomac Falls, Virginia

The holidays officially begin with fall and Halloween decor these days.  My philosophy is there is never too much blingy holiday decor!  Here are a few pictures of some of the vignettes I have around my house.  I have walked you through a few ways I approach decor.

Sparkly Pink Pumpkin.

These are right off the shelves of Target and TJ Maxx but when I add the fresh roses and candy corn garland it becomes a vignette.

My Entry-way.

I only changed a few things here.  I added the orange damask fabric, a few pumpkins, and draped a fall garland from Michael’s over my painting.  I store the sea shells that are usually displayed near the picture frames in the drawer until spring.

Monkey Mask under glass.

I pack away items and knick-knacks that appear to springy or summery.  That way the color palate is more monochromatic and harmonious.  There is usually a bird statue under the glass, not a monkey mask.

My Husband’s Office.

Adding a bit of your personal style to things is what makes holiday decor work.  There are no rules, just incorporate a few holiday items into what you already have out.  I just added the ceramic pumpkin and orange blossom branches. -Meredith

Halloween Delight | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Halloween has risen to be one of the most popular holidays for which we decorate.  I enjoy decorating to celebrate a Tuesday so I of course enjoy decking the Halloween halls.  Here are some fun pictures to hopefully inspire some extra-special fun in your house this Halloween!

Halloween Centerpiece

Above is a picture of my kitchen table.  The tablecloth is actually a black and white drapery panel.  Upon which I have placed a black silk scarf from Nordstrom.  Then I placed the same mirrored tiles I have blogged about in my everyday tablescape.   A few pumpkin scented votives, crystal scatter, wired ribbon and some sparkly pumpkins fill the space.  The trees are from a clearance sale last year at a discount store and I threw in a few Christmas ornaments that I set aside because they are the colors of fall.

My Kitchen Chandelier

Of course I never leave a chandelier bare in my house.  I propped up some Halloween trees and tied some candy corn ornaments on their tops.  I have twisted around ribbon and swagged the candy corn garland around the base.

How It All Began!

So here’s the mess that starts it all!  Yes, I have a nice husband that allows me to clog up our storage spaces with all of these “necessities”.  I am blessed!  But I may need decor therapy!  -Meredith


Bold Paint Color – Bold Accessories | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

My dining room is really coming together.  I just love the way all of my accessories have come together.  The accessories are not exactly subtle! But the end result is just how I wanted it!   How about that paint color?  Paint sure does make an impact.




Someday I will reveal all of my secrets.  For now, suffice it to say, the items I have used are from a variety of stores that may surprise you.  Others are from TJ Maxx and Marshalls, my favorites!  Be daring both in color and your accessories.  Bigger is better! Have fun and experiment with different styles.  Get out of your comfort zone!  Decor is supposed to be fun and reflect your personality.  Make sure yours does!  -ME