Check Your Neck – Skincare | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Loudoun County

Three generations together; my mom, my daughter and me.  This photo reminds me of some of the advice my mom has given me throughout my life.  Lately I have been very grateful for her advice regarding caring for my neck.  Yes, my neck.  Specifically to moisturize my neck.  Since I was a teenager I have always included my neck and décolleté (upper chest area), as part of my routine.  Now that I have been over 29 for a few years, ahem, I am so glad that I did.

She always told me it is important to take care for your skin at as young an age as possible.  We all now know to use face creams and makeup with SPF to prevent sun damage.  But many of us forget our neck, décolleté, and ear lobes.  They all are subject to freckling and sun damage.  Applying sunscreen and facial products with SPF to these areas will slow the aging process keeping you looking younger longer.  There are ways to undo some sun damage, like laser facials, which I will blog about soon.

Another reason to check your neck is to make sure your face and neck are the same color. When you apply your makeup consider applying bronzer to your neck.  Especially as we are starting to be outside more, our faces may get more sun than our neck and décolleté.  Make sure you invest in a bronzer without shimmer to use on these areas.  I recommend a bronzer with no shimmer because using it on these areas is to even out your overall color, not to add shimmer.  Bronzers with shimmer are great but for the purpose of adding sparkle and color when you want to shine!   -Meredith

Photo courtesy of Angela Goodhart, Goodhart Photography.