Personalized Bridal Makeup | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Beautiful Melissa!  What an honor to be a part of her wedding as her makeup artist and wedding coordinator.  This very special day celebrated love, God and friendship.

the beautiful bride. 

This bride wanted have natural makeup on her big day.  She wanted a soft, beautiful look to go with her simple, beautiful style.  Her bridesmaids were in bright pink and each one had her own individual flair.  I was privileged to do makeup for some of the bridal party as well.

beautiful bridesmaids. photographer: garrett hubbard.

The weather was amazing, the guests were plenty, and the pink and orange cakepops devoured!  God shone down on the couple on that day and blessed everyone in their presence!

the happy couple. 

Thank you to Garrett Hubbard for the beautiful pictures. -Meredith

Make Your Wardrobe Grow | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Loudoun County, Virginia


A long-term client of mine is starting a new business venture and she hired me to come into her closet to style her wardrobe.  I discussed her new position with her and we determined that her new position calls for her to be chic but not trendy, conservative but not boring, feminine but not flirty.  Tasked with the job to style a few fabulous outfits from her current wardrobe, I went to work.

We started each look with an item I call an “anchor piece”.  The anchor piece is the item of clothing around which all other pieces of the look are chosen.  This can be a person’s favorite piece that they wear all of the time like a basic blazer.  It can also be an item that has a lot of style or personality but doesn’t get worn often because it’s not clear how it should be styled.  That means a waste of money, which I hate!  So I was determined to utilize all of her strong, anchor pieces, whether they be her favorites or just pieces that I knew would make a statement.

Take a minute to take a close look at your own closet.  Identify your anchor pieces.  Make sure clothing is clean and that there are no visible signs of wear and tear.  If there are, take them to a dry cleaner and or tailor to see if they can be freshened up or fixed.

This goes for jewelry as well.  I love costume jewelry because it is a quick and affordable way to add style and trends to your personal style.  But costume jewelry can often show wear and tear after just a few wearings.  I did ask my client to pick up a few great jewelry pieces like a pair of silver and a pair of gold large, slim hoop earrings, a few cuffs, and fun statement pieces like a large, whimsical ring, to up the “diva ante” on an otherwise conservative outfit.

Needless to say she was thrilled and she felt like she had a new wardrobe.  I left her with these photos, snapped with her phone, of each pairing so that she could see them easily and get dressed without stress.  -Meredith

Prom Parties! | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Emma and Chandler

Make Prom even more special by starting with professional makeup for you and all of your friends.  The party starts early as we all gather at your house and I do makeup for you and your besties while you all get ready for the big day!

behind the scenes, styling with Goodhart Photography.

Depending on the number of girls in your group I can offer light hair styling as well. Consider hiring a professional makeup artist for any special event on your calendar!


Photo’s courtesy of Goodhart Photogrpahy.


Save Money By Hiring A Closet Organizer | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Sterling, Virginia

Meres House-13 copy

Am I the only one who cleans out my kitchen pantry only to find that I have 4 bottles of ketchup?  When I am disorganized I tend to buy too much of one item because I can’t see that I already own a few.  The same thing happens in my closet because when i am disorganized I forge to wear the things I can’t find which is a waste of time and money!

my closet.

my closet.

Prioritizing yourself, your closet and your wardrobe can ultimately save you time and money.  Each time I organize a closet, the client feedback inevitably includes, “I had no idea I had so many pairs of jeans”, or “I had no idea i had so many necklaces….”.   When a client can stand at her closet and look in and see her clothing organized by item and color that means they can choose a well styled outfit quickly and easily.  They can see their entire wardrobe all at once, which means items will have a better chance at being used and enjoyed, making the most of your money.

Organized Necklaces.

Organized Necklaces.

When you know what you have – you know what you need.  My clients can shop with confidence knowing exactly what they own and what they may have over purchased or where they may have gaps in their wardrobe. I always gently encourage my clients to donate any items they are no longer enjoying, either because it no longer suits their style or because they have too many of one item to get enjoyment from each.   Based on the items that still work in their wardrobe I make suggestions on what to add, giving my clients confidence that the money they do spend in the future will be on the right pieces. My recommended future purchases will round out their wardrobes, maximizing the items they already have and enjoying getting dressed with ease.  -Meredith


Eye Primer is a MUST! | Meredith Ehler | Makekup Artist | Northern Virginia

Last week I was chatting with a friend and I found myself distracted by her eye makeup because it was creasing and seemed to be sliding off of her eyelids and it was only 10 am!

Rebecca and Me.

I introduced her to eye primers.  An eye primer is a must for every woman wearing makeup.   A primer coats the eyelid in a foundation-like product that locks-in any shadow or liner put on top of it.  I highly recommend MAC’s Prep and Prime Eye or the MAC Paint Pots.  MAC calls the Prep and Prime Eye “an undercoat to eye makeup”.

I use a primer daily and so do many of my clients because once you use it you can’t imagine life without it.  Use it under any makeup you wear to ensure it stays in place for hours.   The product sticks and stays in place whether you want a light coating of shadow or an intense pop of pigment.  -Meredith

Photo courtesy of Goodhart Photography.