Dining Room Makeover | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Phase one of my dining room makeover.  It all started with new drapes.  I was tired of the the silk drapes I had in bright green.  It was time for a change.  I wanted a clean, metallic feel in the room.  The first few pictures are of the new layout of my furniture.  The last photo is the way the room was laid out before we moved around the furniture.

I am so glad I took the time to play around with the furniture arrangement.   We swapped the tall china cabinet in the last photo for the long buffet that was on the opposite wall.  My goal was to have the room feel more opened.  The tall cabinet drew your eye up and left you a foot short of the ceiling.  The long buffet along with mirror and wall panels draw your eye along the entire wall, making the room feel much wider.  The flow of the room is so much better now.

“After” My Dining Room

Maybe you have a room that just doesn’t feel comfortable.  Or maybe your room feels cramped or too empty.  Take a few hours, get some furniture sliders, and move around the furniture in your room.  I do this with clients and they are always so happy to see that you can often achieve the feeling of a new room by just moving around what you already have.

“Before” My Dining Room

Next on my list:  very dark paint paint for walls, a metallic faux-finish on the ceiling, picture frame moldings on walls, making chair covers, huge metallic accessories and new knobs for the buffet.    -Meredith


NYC Style | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Northern Virginia

Just got back from a fabulous weekend in New York City.  I love visiting the city and getting a fresh dose of style inspiration.  This is cruise season in the fashion world which means that they are in between fall and spring.  The styles now being shown are a bit schizophrenic; you can see a pair of polka dotted shorts next to a winter sweater.  Still, it’s just amazing just to be in the city.

It seems that black is the new black in outerwear.  New Yorkers were chicly bundled up in what was such an obvious outerwear trend that I started taking pictures to share with you all.  My teenage daughter just happened to fit in beautifully.   -Meredith

My darling daughter.











Your Turn To Be The Model | Meredith Ehler | Nothern Virginia Fashion Sytlist

It’s your turn to be the model!  Book a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with Angela Goodhart of Goodhart Photography and be transformed into a more glamorous you!

I did hair, makeup and styled these lovely ladies to be our models for this shoot. They are both in their 20′s, (one is a stay-at-home mom!)  and planning to surprise their husbands with a photo for Valentine’s Day.

To prepare for your shoot, go through your closet and accessories and plan a few glamorous outfits.  Consider having your hair curly and full of volume to give your photos that romantic feel.  False eyelashes and red lips instantly push a photo over the top.

These days we are so busy that we need to remember to take time out and have fun! Being girly and treating your husband or special someone should be high on our list of priorities.  I hope to be styling you soon!  -Meredith


Smart Storage | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Washington, D.C.


GET MORE ORGANIZED!  I wonder how many of us have this as one of our New Year’s resolutions.   There is nothing like living in an organized space.  It’s so much easier to function when there is a place for everything, and everything is in it’s place.

I just got this email from Kirkland’s.  A storage bench like this one should be in every home!  We have a long, brown, leather one in our basement filled to the brim with Lego’s. I have also seen similar items at Target and Costco from time to time.  Pieces like this are great because they are multi-purpose.  They serve as coffee tables, extra seating as well as storage.

Protect your investment!  If you do get a fabric covered one I highly recommend using Scotch Guard before you put it in your house.  You can buy a can anywhere from Wal*Mart to Home Depot.  In a well ventilated area I would spray a light even coat over the entire piece of furniture.  Let it dry and repeat.  I did this to a pair of cute “keds” white, cloth flats I bought my daughter.  Please do a test patch first to make sure it doesn’t harm the furniture.  -Meredith