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Finishing touches, as tedious as they can be, make all the difference.  I just spent the day at one of my favorite client’s houses and decorated her beautiful home for Christmas.

We love our holiday decor here in Virginia!  I was honored to make this beautiful home even more festive.  After an initial home visit and consultation, I shopped for my client for all kinds of holiday goodies!

Just adding a touch of red berries makes plain old garland look rich.  The berries are on what is called a “pick”.  Everything I shopped for was on sale 60% off 2 weeks before Christmas, which is crazy, so I bought up everything I liked.  The picks were 32¢ each!  A bargain!  And I LOVE a bargain!  Adding pine needle picks or real branches from a live tree finish the look of any table top or mantle.

I layered my client’s dining room table to make a beautiful table-scape.   We started with her own tablecloth, bunched up to give it more life.  On top of that is a beautiful gold thread embossed table runner, topped off by diaphanous tulle.  I love using wired ribbon to add height and depth to a display.  I leave it just as it comes off the roll, in it’s naturally curled state.  I just twist and turn it as I release it.  Beautiful glass garland hanging from her chandelier adds a bit of shine.

Don’t forget to layer.  The homeowners beautiful table cloth has gold thread running through it giving off a bit of shimmer.  Her plant and candles placed on top make the perfect setting for her new birch tree Santa.  Don’t ignore the cute baskets that house knick-knacks around your house.  Toss a few branches and ornaments on the top to make them pop.  Have fun decorating and know that there is no such thing as too much Christmas decor! -Meredith



Holiday Chandelier Decor | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Northern Virginia

My Kitchen Chandelier

Your holiday shopping is NOT over yet!  You have forgotten the most important gift of all…the gift of beautiful holiday decorations for 2012!!!  I recently had a brunch to celebrate the season and a few of my friends were asking about my holiday decor strategies. Questions ranges from: “where do your get your inspiration for your chandelier design?”, to “where do you store everything?”.  Well, to address the last first, my husband is the nicest man on earth and allows me to store tremendously large amounts of Christmas decor in our attic and basement storage area.  And I mean a LOT!  So I remind myself how blessed I am often that he helps (enables) me to do such festive decorating every year.  Having a supportive spouse helps.

Each year I go out and shop for goodies on sale for the next year’s decor.  And that time is NOW!  So I urge you to walk through a Michaels, Target, or holiday section of a Macy’s or Lord & Taylor and see if you can find something fabulous to inspire a beautiful table-scape or chandelier decor for your home next year!   Last week I shopped for and decorated a client’s home for the holidays.  I will post pictures of her beautiful home in my next post. Joanne’s Christmas decor was 60% off already – before Christmas!  Happy shopping!


Photos courtesy of Goodhart Photography.


Christmas Decorations | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Sterling, Virginia

At the holidays, I like every corner of my house to be sprinkled with Christmas cheer.

Taking a corner of a counter top and adding a few sparkly King Charles spaniels and a Swarovski crystal Christmas tree…

Dressing up the accessories that you have out all year round…

Enjoying a live poinsettia and Christmas salt and pepper shakers cute enough to display…

I LOVE that Santa! He makes me so happy.


Photos courtesy of Goodhart Photography.

Whoa Christmas Tree! | Meredith Ehler | Holiday Decor | Northern Virginia

Wow! has been the most frequently used expression we hear regarding our Christmas tree.  It’s tall.  And it’s full of ornaments.  We love it and we love that it brings joy to our friends and family.  We have a house full of middle school kids that attend a weekly Bible study at our house.  They boys were taking a guess at the number of ornaments we have on the tree.  We will have to count one day.  But the essence of the celebration has nothing to do with how fancy your house is, it has to do with the reason for the season, which for us is Jesus.  He brings us joy everyday of the year. I hope your home can be overflowing with beautiful decor as well as warmth and love.

I love a blingy tree! But the simplicity of a handprint ornament from a preschooler brings me just as much pleasure.  Load up your tree with any ornaments that make you happy. Lights then traditional ribbons are garlands are a great way to begin decorating.   Add as many ornaments as you can fit.  Step back from the tree periodically to see if you like the placement of the colors and shapes of the ornaments.

A great trick to see if you have placed the strands of lights evenly is to step back and squint!  That allows your eyes just see the glow of the lights.  You will easily see where they may be bunched up or sparsely placed.  Finish off the base of the tree with a tree skirt or just a large piece of fabric.  I have been known to use a deep purple velvet duvet cover or colorful table cloths with a layer of tulle on it.  Visit a fabric store for inspiration!  Get a few yards of whatever catches your eye and use it this year to add a festive change to your usual routine!  -Meredith

Sugarplum Chandelier ~ Christmas Decor | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Washington DC

Christmastime at our home is a bit overwhelming.  It looks a bit like Santa’s toyshop exploded, yet everything landed in just the right place.   I hope you will join me in being whimsical and daring with your decor this year!

I started this chandelier with few faux snowy pine branches.  Then I hung the crystal and feather covered horns.  From them I hung glass ornaments, metallic spirals and origami presents handmade by my daughter.   Then I added organza ribbon on top of the branches, glass ball garland and ornaments, tassel napkin rings around the candles and a huge purple ribbon in the center to top it all off.

Every year my chandeliers are different.  They just start with one inspiration piece and take shape by adding one layer at a time, stepping back to make adjustments, and then adding another layer.  I never know what they will end up looking like.  I love that about the process.

But wait – don’t neglect the tops of your armoires!  If you look up on top of the china cabinet you will see how I piled up huge ornaments.  It’s one of my favorite focal points in the room. Whether you use ornaments, poinsettias, or a nutcracker collection, it makes a room complete.  Use real or fake pine branches, tuille, fabric or table cloths as a base. That gives your design a completed look.  Have fun – Be daring!  -Meredith

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‘Tis the Season – To Decorate! | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Sterling, Virginia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Get your bins of ornaments out if you haven’t already and deck those halls!  I LOVE decorating for the season and as of today I am officially done.  Now I get to decorate the homes of my clients and enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of this season!  I can’t wait to host a coffee for friends and bask in the warmth this time of year brings.  

I painted this “JOY”painting just to use on my Christmas mantle!

I am so grateful Christ was born, for many reasons, and this season is just one of the ways I celebrate His amazing love for all of us.

I will be posting a few “how to’s” and will give advice on how to add a splash of Christmas to every corner of your house!   Enjoy the pictures of my home and lots of fun posts to come. I hope they will inspire you to go over the top this Christmas!  -Meredith

Photos courtesy of Goodhart Photography.