Decor in a Day | Meredith Ehler | Interior Decorator | Sterling, Virginia

One of my clients, Cori, had me over the other day to walk through a few rooms and discuss some decorating improvements.  She has a beautiful house and she has done a great job doing home improvements in stages.  We looked at adding some special touches to her master bedroom and bath.  We have a plan to dress up that area with a few personalized touches.  A trip to Target and HomeGoods in our near future!

Then Cori mentioned that she is thinking of re-doing her office.  We took a look at it and developed a plan.  We would rearrange some of the furniture so there is a nicer flow to the room.  Both she and her husband have desks in the room as well as one for her two children.  The room is big so it can handle 3 desks and some toys for the kids and favorite keepsakes.  We decided she could remove some of the toys that the kids don’t use anymore.  Then moving any furniture from in front of the windows and painting the room a buttery beige would give the room a nice airy feeling.  She gave me the impression that it was on the back burner for now.  So I went out shopping for the bed and bath.

I called yesterday to bring over a few things I had bought for her house and she said she couldn’t wait for me to see the office.  To my surprise, in just a short time, they had transformed the space!  With a little sweat equity and new paint they have an entirely new room.  Cori and her husband rearranged, de-cluttered and painted the office.  It looks amazing and  I am headed over soon so we can hang the pictures in just the right places on her newly painted walls.

Decorating can truly happen in a day!   Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a decorator, or a friend with a great sense of style,  over to do a walk through of your house to show you your home’s possibilities.  Not all decorating requires tons of time, changes, and money.   Look around – what room can you freshen up with just a few small changes in your house?  -Meredith