Amusing Fashion | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Sterling, Virginia

Headed to Disney?  If you are planning to go to an amusement park this summer I urge you to think about the practical aspects of your wardrobe versus the stylish ones before you go.  It may sound silly to get practical about fashion, but you will be happy you did. My family and I just got back from Disney and I was amused by some of the wardrobe choices made by park-goers. Some that stood out were a few ladies from over-seas sporting full length, colorful, tie-die, spandex unitards in 85 degree heat!

Here are a few my fashion do’s and don’ts while visiting amusement parks this summer:

Don’t Wear Full-length Spandex Unitards!

Make sure you choose loose fitting, comfortable, light-colored clothing.  Clothing that is too tight could cause discomfort.

Don’t Wear Black!

Wearing dark colors makes you HOT – not in a good way!  Dark colors absorb the sun’s heat and feels like you are wearing a heating blanket.

Do Choose the Right Shoes!

At Disney I saw women wearing heels, flip flops, wedges, you name it.  Consider wearing closed toe shoes like sneakers with socks (there are plenty of slip on cute sneakers out there if you can’t bear to wear traditional sneakers).  This may sound too hot or confining but it is the best choice for your feet.  When you wear slip on shoes or heels it causes your foot to be fatigued faster than a shoe that is tight on your foot.  Your foot has to work to keep on flip flops and slip ons, and most flip flops offer no arch support.  You will be doing more walking than usual and your feet will appreciate the support.  It’s OK, go ahead and be comfortable, the fashion police will NOT be there!

Remember that you may be riding rides where your feet dangle off the ride, shoes can easily be lost on these rides.

Do wear Sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a girl’s best friend.  I just got a Fraxel laser facial which removes a lot of sun damage.  Sunscreen is a must to keep us looking young and to prevent skin cancer, of which my mom is a survivor. Don’t forget your shoulders under your tee shirts.  Clothing is said to be only an SPF 7.

Don’t forget your Accessories:

Warning: Some of these suggestions are extreme practical applications of fashion (not style).  Fashionistas should consider removing these items before taking any pictures!

Bright Colored Hats.

Wearing hats/baseball caps in bright colors really comes in handy.  It will be so much easier to spot each other in a crowd.  Thanks to my Aunt Joan we all have fire-engine-red baseball caps to use when we go to our next park.

Spray Bottles with Fans.

We bring a spray water bottle with a battery operated fan with us to hot parks.  It’s a wonderful treat to mist yourself as you are running around in sweltering heat.

Fanny Packs.

Ok, I will totally deny this if anyone asks me, but I will be honest with you all…I wore a fanny pack this last trip to Disney.  I KNOW – IT’S AWFUL!  Having a degree in fashion, and being a card-carrying fashionista this is a crime!  But listen here, it was fabulous!  It was freeing!  I know, sad but true!  I reluctantly bought the least offensive, pink fanny pack with Minnie Mouse on it. I hung on it my Swarovski crystal Minnie key chain which made it tolerable, even cute.  I really was happy I had it when we went on Tower of Terror or Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios!  I never had to worry about a thing falling out! I did find a pair of sunglasses left on the Tower of Terror, probably from someone who was NOT wearing a fanny pack! -Meredith

June Bride Makeup | Meredith Ehler | Bridal Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Every June, women all over the country prepare to live out their dream of becoming the quintessential June bride.  You may actually be one of those women.  If you are I send you heartfelt wishes for a wonderful day. But if you are instead a bride in waiting, or a bridesmaid of one, you may be discussing about hiring someone to style makeup and hair for you and your bridal party the day of the wedding.

Having a professional makeup artist and hair stylist come to style you the day of your wedding has become just as big a part of the day as having photographer.  And with today’s high resolution cameras (still and video) being able to capture every pore on your face, hiring a professional makeup artist  it is not longer considered a luxury –  it’s a necessity!

Just last week I did a consult for a bride and her mother.  We had a fabulous time!  Consults are so important.  They help the stylist know what it is you are looking for, ensuring your wedding day to go smoothly and you to look beautiful!  The wedding day is not the day to be testing out eye shadow colors!

The bride brought her veil, headpiece, and ideas and pictures of what she had in mind for the big day to the consult.  We started with discussions about styles for her hair and headpiece and veil.  We tried a few styles and loved the way her hair looked half up and half down.  Her veil and headpiece are separate so we had to come up with a style that would not be too bulky, having to pin in all of these pieces.  And the bride was smart enough to let me know she tends to get headaches after her hair has been up for a while.  That is such helpful information for me as a stylist.  I would hate to style an elaborate hair style and end up having a bride in pain by the end of the reception.

After deciding upon the perfect hair style we tried on a variety of makeup looks, varying colors and application of her makeup.  We played with the amount of and colors of eye makeup she was comfortable with, eventually arriving on a beautiful combination of natural browns.  This bride didn’t want too much sparkle or color, as she does not wear makeup on a daily basis.  It is important for her to feel comfortable with her hair an makeup, making sure it represents who she is, just a bit more glammed up!  I styled her mom as well, discussing her makeup and what colors would compliment her beautiful wysteria dress.

Having her makeup done by a professional ensures that her pictures will be even more beautiful and timeless!  Consider hiring your makeup artist to stay and do touch-ups throughout the wedding.  Having your stylist work with the photographer throughout the night to make sure the last photo is as picture perfect as the last.

The consult ended with a plan on how the bride’s special day will go.  We discussed through prior emails and phone calls, as well as at the consult, how the day would begin, the number of girls that would require services and set up times and locations of services.  It was a very productive few hours, as well as a fun excuse to get to wear your veil!           -Meredith