Get Your Riki Skinny Mirror Here! | Meredith Ehler | Beauty Blogger | Loudoun County | Washington, DC

Looking for the perfect makeup mirror? This is it! It sold out in one day when launched by Glamcor now is being exclusively offered to LimeLight by Alcone! So YOU can get one before everyone else can! Go to my site tomorrow and order yours!

Click here – this will take you to my site. Click MAKEUP STORE, then CONNECT!

Go early – 9am they are going live! $225, the lights run around the outside of the mirror which is a rectangle and slim, like and I-Pad. It has a built in Bluetooth!

RIKI_Quote + img_postIt is shaped like an I-Pad but has insane built in lights that are adjustable to suit any need, then has a built in bluetooth! It’s a dream for anyone who loves makeup! LimeLight by Alcone has it first!


Thank you Glamcor! We love you and Riki!  The Riki Skinny revolutionizes makeup application! Seriously, order asap – message me if you want me to order it for you!










Christmas Decorating Ideas – Add Glitter | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Almost done decorating!   It’s so much fun to enjoy the lights, glitter, and amazing colors of the season.  This year I decided that some of my decor needed a bit of glitter to freshen it up.  I will walk you through glittering your decor.

I have had these potted flowers for years, adding glitter to half of the stripes makes the flowers pop!

IMG_9296 IMG_9295

Take a look at your decor and see what you can add some bling to.  Here on this sign, I paint on craft glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue.



I use cheap paint brushes, but I use expensive glitter to get the best results.  I recommend the Martha Stewart glitter from Michaels. The quality and shimmer is unsurpassed!


Mod Podge makes a great glue.  It is also a sealant to seal in anything you are crafting. But when glittering I use it as a glue.  Here you can see I glittered some balls I have that were boring in their natural state.  I sprinkled glitter on a plate and rolled the ball on the plate after i painted it with Mod Podge.  The pinecone was glittered with the same process: Mod Podge painted on the areas I wanted glitter to stick, sprinkle glitter over a plate, let dry.



Here you can see my daughter glittering old lightbulbs.  She paints the bulb, sprinkles the glitter over a piece of parchment paper, then slides the excess glitter back into the bottle by folding the paper in half.  We are able to save and reuse the glitter!


The possibilities are endless!  We have craft parties too.  Invite a friend or two and let them in on the fun!  See my Facebook page for more tips, as well as follow me on Instagram @Meredith_Ehler or Twitter @MeredithEhler.  -Meredith


Your Turn To Be The Model | Meredith Ehler | Nothern Virginia Fashion Sytlist

It’s your turn to be the model!  Book a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with Angela Goodhart of Goodhart Photography and be transformed into a more glamorous you!

I did hair, makeup and styled these lovely ladies to be our models for this shoot. They are both in their 20′s, (one is a stay-at-home mom!)  and planning to surprise their husbands with a photo for Valentine’s Day.

To prepare for your shoot, go through your closet and accessories and plan a few glamorous outfits.  Consider having your hair curly and full of volume to give your photos that romantic feel.  False eyelashes and red lips instantly push a photo over the top.

These days we are so busy that we need to remember to take time out and have fun! Being girly and treating your husband or special someone should be high on our list of priorities.  I hope to be styling you soon!  -Meredith


Fall Decor Ideas | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

As the last leaves are falling I am sure you are planning your Thanksgiving menu for next week’s celebration.  Hopefully beautiful visions of fall decor are dancing in your head as you plan your beautiful dinner table and buffet areas. Adding fall inspired accessories makes your house feel warm and welcoming, something your guests will be talking about for long after the meal.  Even if you are not hosting, a great hostess gift could be a fall inspired arrangement.   The stores are making room for Christmas décor so go and get some fall inspired pieces before they are all gone to make your thanksgiving table pop!

Here’s how to make this plain glass jar become a lovely addition to your fall decor or a great hostess gift.

Start by gathering any fall inspired decor pieces you may already have around the house.  I have chosen bright ribbon, leaves, sparkly pumpkins and gourds, crystals, candy corn and a few of the kids toys like vampire teeth and a few black cats, pictured just beyond the teeth, and an creepy eyeball or two.  This decor can last from Halloween to Christmas.  If you have any cute jack-o-lantern decor just turn them around after Halloween and they look like a regular pumpkin which works for Thanksgiving perfectly.

Layer the items in any fashion, building your design to the top of your container.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You just want to step back and look at it from all angles as you are building your way up.  Rearrange any items that seem awkward as you go.  Try to space out like items and spread them around the container so that from every angle it will look interesting.

Don’t worry about doing it “right”, just do it!  I am sure it will look great!  If you don’t already have a container like this go and get one! They are plentiful at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Home Goods.  Check back soon because my container is just itching to be filled with Christmas decor!    -Meredith