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Pumpkins on stoops, pumpkin spice latte’s, and pumpkin decor lining the aisles at Michaels.  It’s time.  It’s time to decorate for fall but it’s also time to start planning for your Christmas decor.  Michael’s, AC Moore, Kirklands and all of your supercenters are starting to shock the shelves with holiday decor.  Now is the time to plan and buy.  Here are a few tips to consider for buying holiday decor for any holiday:



Buy Now – Return Later.  It’s better to buy now and buy a few of each item you may like. you can always return it later if you bought too many.  Sales are happening now, believe it or not!  I just bought 3 gilver (gilver=a color in between gold and silver) deer head ornaments at Hobby Lobby at 40% off!  I wish I would have bought more!  UGH!  I suggest decorating in clusters of 3 or 5 of one thing like pumpkins or candles.  So think about buying more than one of each item so that you can get home and create a well-balanced vignette.


Use Household Items in your Decor.  I have table linens and plates that have fall coloring so I pull them out and incorporate them into my vignettes.  I have a large platter with a turkey in fall colors from my husband’s grandmother.  I use it as the base of my centerpiece. Look around your house and see if you have items in holiday colors. I have a black silk scarf that I use as a table runner under a Halloween centerpiece.


Start Researching Christmas Decor Ideas on Pinterest.  Get your idea juices flowing by perusing Pinterest.  Search on the holiday you are decorating for and get ideas.  This is a great thing to do before you go shopping.  Make your list from the pictures you see then go and shop for the items so you can create it yourself.  Follow me on Pinterest for holiday decor inspiration!  I would LOVE to see your boards as well!

Happy Decorating!





How To Set Your Thanksgiving Table | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Life Style Expert | Sterling, Virginia


Here is a step by step tutorial on how to set your table for Thanksgiving.  This is my table that I decorated today, November 24th, 2014, a few days before Thanksgiving.  Starting early means you can just focus on making the food or traveling to your destination on Thanksgiving Day.  Good luck and message me with any questions!

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My table.  I added the two leaves that the table came with so that it is expanded to it’s longest length.  This is a linen table cloth on top, and a table pad on the bottom.


Here is what the pad looks like.  It adds a soft layer to the table.  I used 2 white, linen table cloths because I don’t have one that is long enough for the table when both leaves are in.


Ironing your linens is a must!


I added linen place-mats in a champagne color.  They have a subtle gold, metallic thread running through them.


I added my china, crystal and a few serving pieces.


I added cloth napkins and silverware, but the table was looking a bit to monochromatic and a tad bit boring for my personality.  So I added gold chargers.  They are available at Pier One.


And a runner.  This runner is a piece of fabric my mom bought me years ago and made a runner for me.  She just sewed the edges.  Super simple.  We got the fabric at Calico Corner years back.  I even throw it in the washing machine.

table 2

Getting closer.  Now I added a bit of color.  I dug through my drawers and found purple, tassel napkin rings.  And a few small vases to add fresh flowers to the day before.  I am setting the table a few days early so I am not buying the flowers just yet.

table 1

Now for a few Thanksgiving touches.  An antique turkey platter from England, hand made place cards that my daughter made when she was in elementary school, and a turkey at every seat.  The turkeys are from my collection given to me from my Aunt Joan.



Now it feels like Thanksgiving.  Have fun setting your table.  There are no rules, well except for the fork on the left and the spoon on the right.  Other than that, have fun, make your table reflect your personality!  And many blessings to you and your family and friends!  Meredith


Decorating With Turkeys | Meredith Ehler | Holiday Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Years ago, I was blessed to receive my aunt’s antique, porcelain turkey collection.  She had collected and enjoyed them for years yet decided they needed a new home. So we welcomed the 20 some turkeys with open arms and worked them into our fall decor.  I used to put them out just for Thanksgiving, but then I realized that blending my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor worked beautifully.


My turkeys go out on display in September and stay out until I decorate for Christmas. Most of my Halloween decor can stay out that long as well.  If something is overtly Halloween then I pack it up November 1st.  But if it is something like this orange Jack-O-Lantern I can get away with just turning it around and it now it is a Thanksgiving pumpkins.


My transformation from Halloween above, to Thanksgiving below!


Some gobblers are mixed into vignettes in my kitchen.


Some are a part of my elaborate centerpieces.


How many turkeys do you have on display? -Meredith

Thanksgiving Centerpiece | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia


***Welcome Pink Polka Dot Productions readers!!!  So happy your are here!!!***

Every table should have a decorative centerpiece for the holidays, and some may say every chandelier should be decorated as well, but that is a whole other blog post.  I personally have a table cloth and centerpiece on my kitchen table all year round.  It adds a nice, warm feeling to our kitchen.  A centerpiece best represents the season or holiday by being comprised of a melange of seasonal knick-knacks, natural items and blingy keepsakes.  Here is how you can do it yourself.


This centerpiece is built upon my Thanksgiving turkey platter.  I began dressing the table with a harvest-feel table cloth.  As a runner I used a piece of fabric that I sewed the edges of so I could use it for decorative purposes.  Right now it’s a runner but it will soon be “ribbon” on my Christmas tree.


To get started, choose a base like a platter, tray, or large plate.  Gather items like leaves, raffia twine, and turkeys or pumpkins that are bought from a craft store like Michael’s. Sometimes I use fresh leaves or pumpkins.  A great idea would be to add a few twigs from your yard into the display.  I would insert them straight into my centerpiece and allow them to cascade over the edge of the platter.


Notice that the display has different elements and shapes throughout.  I try to balance shiny with matte, natural items with fake, textural with smooth, etc. Stay tuned for more. There are many more holiday posts to come!  Happy Decorating!  -Meredith



Halloween and Thanksgiving Decor Ideas | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Washington, D.C. Area

Ironically, as I write this Halloween and Thanksgiving decor post, I am prepping to take it all down and start installing Christmas!  Yes, it’s time in my house to get into the Christmas spirit and begin decorating so that I have time to service my holiday decor clients.  I really look forward to spreading the holiday cheer in my clients’ homes beginning in November.

Please enjoy these pictures of my whimsical approach to Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday decor.  I hope you are inspired to decorate a little more festively this year!  To see my Silver and Black Halloween Dining Room click here.

IMG_3274Every holiday I decorate the chandeliers around my house.  This chandelier is from Ballards. I love this precious face.


I like to incorporate my children’s artwork from Halloween and Thanksgivings past.



The gold lights are actually Christmas lights from a Martha Stewart line years ago.


I usually pack away a few decor items in each room to make room for holiday decor.  That really allows for my decor to pop.  I packed away any items that had a feeling of Spring or Summer.


The canvas above was a hand-made birthday gift from my daughter.  She painted my favorite Bible verse for me, Philippians 4:6 “Be anxious for nothing”.  Please note that it is covered in a layer of gold glitter!



I love this duck dressed and ready to trick-or-treat! It is one of my favorite gifts from my husband. -Meredith




Silver and Black Halloween Decor Ideas | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Washington, D.C.

For me, Halloween decor can be divided into in two separate categories: cool colors and warm colors.  I love grouping my silver and black decor together to make one large impact. My dining room favors this color palate so this is where I put my shimmery decor.  The rest of my home is filled with a warmer color palate so I display my fall decor with oranges and reds everywhere else.


I pack away some of my regular decor items during the holidays to make room for some of the Halloween items.  I want the fall decor to pop so it’s necessary to remove anything that will compete.


I have to have bling, and there is no such thing as too much!  But it’s a must to balance it with something that absorbs light like a velvet runner.  Otherwise everything will be to shiny and reflective and it will be hard for one’s eye to focus and enjoy the view.


I recommend to have fun with your style!  I loved that sparkly, black pumpkin so I bought it, not knowing what I would do with it.  I moved it around until I found it a home in my mercury glass bowl from Pottery Barn.  If you are out shopping and see something that speaks to you, buy it. Then come home and move it around from room to room and see where it looks best.  Happy Decorating!  -Meredith


Let The Holiday Decorating Begin! | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Potomac Falls, Virginia

The holidays officially begin with fall and Halloween decor these days.  My philosophy is there is never too much blingy holiday decor!  Here are a few pictures of some of the vignettes I have around my house.  I have walked you through a few ways I approach decor.

Sparkly Pink Pumpkin.

These are right off the shelves of Target and TJ Maxx but when I add the fresh roses and candy corn garland it becomes a vignette.

My Entry-way.

I only changed a few things here.  I added the orange damask fabric, a few pumpkins, and draped a fall garland from Michael’s over my painting.  I store the sea shells that are usually displayed near the picture frames in the drawer until spring.

Monkey Mask under glass.

I pack away items and knick-knacks that appear to springy or summery.  That way the color palate is more monochromatic and harmonious.  There is usually a bird statue under the glass, not a monkey mask.

My Husband’s Office.

Adding a bit of your personal style to things is what makes holiday decor work.  There are no rules, just incorporate a few holiday items into what you already have out.  I just added the ceramic pumpkin and orange blossom branches. -Meredith

Halloween Delight | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Halloween has risen to be one of the most popular holidays for which we decorate.  I enjoy decorating to celebrate a Tuesday so I of course enjoy decking the Halloween halls.  Here are some fun pictures to hopefully inspire some extra-special fun in your house this Halloween!

Halloween Centerpiece

Above is a picture of my kitchen table.  The tablecloth is actually a black and white drapery panel.  Upon which I have placed a black silk scarf from Nordstrom.  Then I placed the same mirrored tiles I have blogged about in my everyday tablescape.   A few pumpkin scented votives, crystal scatter, wired ribbon and some sparkly pumpkins fill the space.  The trees are from a clearance sale last year at a discount store and I threw in a few Christmas ornaments that I set aside because they are the colors of fall.

My Kitchen Chandelier

Of course I never leave a chandelier bare in my house.  I propped up some Halloween trees and tied some candy corn ornaments on their tops.  I have twisted around ribbon and swagged the candy corn garland around the base.

How It All Began!

So here’s the mess that starts it all!  Yes, I have a nice husband that allows me to clog up our storage spaces with all of these “necessities”.  I am blessed!  But I may need decor therapy!  -Meredith


Decorate Your Chandelier For Fall | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Fall Chandelier

Yes, I want you to try and decorate your chandeliers for the holidays!  It’s not as hard or strange as it sounds.  This is my chandelier in my kitchen.  It’s a gilded gold crown. Subtle, I know.  When decorated it really is eye-catching and quite a conversation piece.  I decorate my chandelier(s) for every holiday, even my kids birthdays.  I encourage you to give it a try and see the huge impact it has in a room!

Fall Chandelier

To get started you will need ribbons or garland and ornaments that are fall themed.  I have used different kinds of ribbon.  Wire edged ribbon is great because it holds it’s shape.  I like to unwind the ribbon from the spool and try to keep it’s curly shape.  I weave it around the chandelier and then made a huge bow with another spool and that served as a focal point.

Fall Chandelier Items

Here are the actual items I used to accomplish the above look.  Ribbons, garland and ornaments.  Consider using twigs and leaves if you don’t have anything fancy.  Weave the sticks across the chandelier and make a base for leaves, pine cones, a small pumpkin, etc.  Have fun and be creative with your chandelier!  -Meredith

Fall Decor Ideas | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

As the last leaves are falling I am sure you are planning your Thanksgiving menu for next week’s celebration.  Hopefully beautiful visions of fall decor are dancing in your head as you plan your beautiful dinner table and buffet areas. Adding fall inspired accessories makes your house feel warm and welcoming, something your guests will be talking about for long after the meal.  Even if you are not hosting, a great hostess gift could be a fall inspired arrangement.   The stores are making room for Christmas décor so go and get some fall inspired pieces before they are all gone to make your thanksgiving table pop!

Here’s how to make this plain glass jar become a lovely addition to your fall decor or a great hostess gift.

Start by gathering any fall inspired decor pieces you may already have around the house.  I have chosen bright ribbon, leaves, sparkly pumpkins and gourds, crystals, candy corn and a few of the kids toys like vampire teeth and a few black cats, pictured just beyond the teeth, and an creepy eyeball or two.  This decor can last from Halloween to Christmas.  If you have any cute jack-o-lantern decor just turn them around after Halloween and they look like a regular pumpkin which works for Thanksgiving perfectly.

Layer the items in any fashion, building your design to the top of your container.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You just want to step back and look at it from all angles as you are building your way up.  Rearrange any items that seem awkward as you go.  Try to space out like items and spread them around the container so that from every angle it will look interesting.

Don’t worry about doing it “right”, just do it!  I am sure it will look great!  If you don’t already have a container like this go and get one! They are plentiful at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Home Goods.  Check back soon because my container is just itching to be filled with Christmas decor!    -Meredith