Christmas Decor Article in the Loudoun Times Mirror | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Here is my latest article on Christmas Decor. I reveal a few secrets that I have not revealed before! Click here to read the article:

Meredith Ehler in the Loudoun Times Mirror

Party-Book-Dollhouse-2014-14 -sm

It is a blessing to live in Loudoun County Virginia. It’s a beautiful place filled with wonderful communities. I wouldn’t be able to be successful without the people that support me and my business. A special thanks to Karen Graham and Angela Goodhart who have blessed me so much!

Photo Credit: Angela Goodhart of Goodhart Photography.

Merry Christmas!!!



Must-See Christmas Decor | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

I LIVE to decorate for Christmas. I start decorating for Christmas each year early in November. I usually host Thanksgiving at my home and everyone who comes knows to expect the house to be half-decorated for Christmas. #SorryThanksgiving

I thought I would take you on a virtual tour of my home hoping that you may be inspired to add something new to your holiday decor. Perhaps you will be inspired to use a new color scheme or you may find a different way of using your current decor items. I hope you find joy in the spirit in which I decorate. My goal is to envelop my home in whimsy and beauty so that everyone may feel our joy over the birth of our Savior.

I have 3 trees, each with a different personality. My main tree is 12 feet and covered in luscious, salmon-colored fabric and Christopher Radko ornaments. My goal is that eventually I will collect enough ornaments that it will be difficult to see any green from the tree!

Party-Book-Dollhouse-2014-43 -sm

My dining room is dark and laden in icy silver. When you are in this room it feels like you are in an enchanted icy-forest. Every time my girlfriend Lisa comes over she says this room is her favorite. The tree-topper is made of feathers and the garland is a creation of mine. It is made of recycled, spray-painted packing paper.

Xmas2014-7 -sm

My third tree is in my sunroom. That tree is slim and holds all my girly ornaments. There are a lot of sparkly cupcakes, a few Mackenzie-Childs ornaments, even a few poodles can be found hanging on the tree.  My favorite may be the homemade candy cane ornament my daughter made and studded with Swarovski crystals when she was in elementary school.

Party-Book-Dollhouse-2014-4 -sm

My banister is covered in traditional red and green with paper mache faces of a jolly Santa Claus. The ribbon is actually two different ribbons layered with the green ribbon being sewn in an intricate pattern.  It’s a wire-edged ribbon so it holds whatever shape I give it.

Party-Book-Dollhouse-2014-17 -sm

No matter what your decorating style or budget may be, I hope you will share your joy for Christmas with friends and loved-ones this season!  God bless you and Merry Christmas!


Photo Credit: Angela Goodhart, Goodhart Photography.


Fall Into Holiday Decor | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Sterling, Virginia



Pumpkins on stoops, pumpkin spice latte’s, and pumpkin decor lining the aisles at Michaels.  It’s time.  It’s time to decorate for fall but it’s also time to start planning for your Christmas decor.  Michael’s, AC Moore, Kirklands and all of your supercenters are starting to shock the shelves with holiday decor.  Now is the time to plan and buy.  Here are a few tips to consider for buying holiday decor for any holiday:



Buy Now – Return Later.  It’s better to buy now and buy a few of each item you may like. you can always return it later if you bought too many.  Sales are happening now, believe it or not!  I just bought 3 gilver (gilver=a color in between gold and silver) deer head ornaments at Hobby Lobby at 40% off!  I wish I would have bought more!  UGH!  I suggest decorating in clusters of 3 or 5 of one thing like pumpkins or candles.  So think about buying more than one of each item so that you can get home and create a well-balanced vignette.


Use Household Items in your Decor.  I have table linens and plates that have fall coloring so I pull them out and incorporate them into my vignettes.  I have a large platter with a turkey in fall colors from my husband’s grandmother.  I use it as the base of my centerpiece. Look around your house and see if you have items in holiday colors. I have a black silk scarf that I use as a table runner under a Halloween centerpiece.


Start Researching Christmas Decor Ideas on Pinterest.  Get your idea juices flowing by perusing Pinterest.  Search on the holiday you are decorating for and get ideas.  This is a great thing to do before you go shopping.  Make your list from the pictures you see then go and shop for the items so you can create it yourself.  Follow me on Pinterest for holiday decor inspiration!  I would LOVE to see your boards as well!

Happy Decorating!





Christmas Decorating Ideas – Add Glitter | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, Virginia

Almost done decorating!   It’s so much fun to enjoy the lights, glitter, and amazing colors of the season.  This year I decided that some of my decor needed a bit of glitter to freshen it up.  I will walk you through glittering your decor.

I have had these potted flowers for years, adding glitter to half of the stripes makes the flowers pop!

IMG_9296 IMG_9295

Take a look at your decor and see what you can add some bling to.  Here on this sign, I paint on craft glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue.



I use cheap paint brushes, but I use expensive glitter to get the best results.  I recommend the Martha Stewart glitter from Michaels. The quality and shimmer is unsurpassed!


Mod Podge makes a great glue.  It is also a sealant to seal in anything you are crafting. But when glittering I use it as a glue.  Here you can see I glittered some balls I have that were boring in their natural state.  I sprinkled glitter on a plate and rolled the ball on the plate after i painted it with Mod Podge.  The pinecone was glittered with the same process: Mod Podge painted on the areas I wanted glitter to stick, sprinkle glitter over a plate, let dry.



Here you can see my daughter glittering old lightbulbs.  She paints the bulb, sprinkles the glitter over a piece of parchment paper, then slides the excess glitter back into the bottle by folding the paper in half.  We are able to save and reuse the glitter!


The possibilities are endless!  We have craft parties too.  Invite a friend or two and let them in on the fun!  See my Facebook page for more tips, as well as follow me on Instagram @Meredith_Ehler or Twitter @MeredithEhler.  -Meredith


Decorate Your Dining Room For Christmas | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun County, VA



I love decorating my dining room in icy silver colors.  I added touches to my chandelier by draping sparkly, silver garland over it.  I usually add layers of greenery, ribbons, ornaments, and crystals, but this year I kept it simple.


Last year I came up with a creative option for garland and it became the focal point of my tree.  This is actually recycled package stuffing that I spray-painted silver.  This year I delegated the tree to my daughter and she made it even more spectacular!  She used the evergreen picks that I usually use on my chandelier and instead stuffed the tree with them. I love what she did with it!  It’s so rich and full looking.  Not bad for a tree we got from Target on an after-Christmas sale.


I love this sleigh that my mother gave me.  It’s a treasure.  I usually fill it with my antique ornaments.  I love the way they look spilling over.


I added white tulle to the top of my buffet.  I originally had it without but it looked too dark.  I wanted it to feel lighter and more snowy.  I took a small piece of white tulle that I bought from Jo-Anne’s for a few dollars and spread it out under the current display.  I love the way it looks now. It works with the feel of the rest of the room.



Even the corners are full of poinsettias.  I don’t want any space to be empty! Merry Christmas!  -Meredith

How-To Make A Christmas Bow | Meredith Ehler | Decorator | Sterling, Virginia

You can make your own bows!  It’s easy.  Choose a couple of yards of your favorite ribbon and follow my step-by-step instructions.  Save money by never buying another pre-made bow again!


Start with a few yards of ribbon, preferable wire-edged, some wire and wire clippers.  You don’t have to use wire, but it is pretty easy, most can even be cut with scissors.  But you can tie it with anything you choose.  String or twisties from produce bags from the grocery store work very well.


Start by making a large looped circle of the ribbon.  The larger the loop of ribbon, the larger your bow will be.  The more you loop the ribbon around, the more parts to the bow there will be.  I have looped this ribbon 3 times so each side will have 3 loops when they are opened up.

Pinch the middle of the ribbon loop and secure it with wire.


Start to separate the ribbon loops.  If the ribbon is wire-edged it will hold the shape you put it in.


You can make the loops straight or they can have a ruffled edge.


You can stop here – that is officially a bow!  But for my purpose I am adding a long tail.


I took the desired length of ribbon, folded it in half, and attached it to the center of the bow with wire.  I hid the wire within the folds of the ribbon fabric.


Now my new bows hang from the sconces in my hall way.  I love how the white ribbon brightens up the display. -Meredith



Christmas Tree Personality Quiz | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

Every Christmas tree has it’s own personality.  What is your tree saying about you? Are you simple and traditional, with one real tree covered in a mix of red and gold balls and children’s homemade ornaments?  Or are you modern and flashy, throwing caution to the wind?

Traditional, Whimsical or Avant Garde?

not so traditional.

No longer does a tree have to be draped in red and green.  Bright pinks and purples are found in every style of holiday decor from ribbons to garland.  I like each of my trees to have their own unique look.  I like them to stand our from a crowd!

golds and pinks on my tree.

Traditional trees are cozy and often remind us of our childhood.  Trees laden with homemade ornaments, tinsel and glass balls are the quintessential picture of a perfect Christmas.

Faux or Real?  We had real, live evergreen trees for years.  But it soon became clear that a fake tree was in order.  We love to have the house decorated for over a month and we have had at least one tree topple over.  As the weeks pass the tree drys out and eventually cannot withstand the weight of the ornaments.

our fake trees look the same in January as they did in December.

Faux trees make an extended Christmas possible as they will look the same in January as they do the day you put them up in December (or November as in my case).  However there is a huge trade-off.  No longer will you have the smell of fresh pine wafting through your home.  Many families treasure their annual jaunt to the Christmas tree farm to cut their own fresh tree.   Well, all except my friend’s son got poison oak from that excursion! Poor guy!

Are you a Single-Tree or Multi-Tree Kind of Home?

this tree is in my sunroom.

Having multiple trees may mean you are a hoarded of all things Christmas like me so the multiple trees become a necessity because all of my ornaments simply won’t fit on one tree!  Or it may mean you just love having a cheery reminder of the amazing celebration of Christ being born in every corner of your home.

a Christmas tree made completely of ornaments.

Now matter what kind of holiday decor you put up I hope you will enjoy all of  your blessings, and reflect upon reason for the season.  -Meredith


A Christmas Tablescape – Step by Step | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Northern Virginia

my centerpiece on my dining room table.

Here is another way to dress up your table.  I used a sleigh full of antique ornaments as my centerpiece.  You can use anything you like!

my table.


find a box.

My daughter’s Christmas present arrived in this box on this very day.  It was the perfect height to start building upon.

drape it.

Drape the box with linens.  I used a white table cloth and covered that with a sheer patterned fabric.  Choose fabrics that work with your color scheme.  You can also use a few yards of fabric, just tuck under the edges.  My sheer fabric is not finished on any of the ends.

layer it with fabric.

another layer.

I top off the 2 layers with a layer of tulle.   It’s an inexpensive fabric that adds a lot of dimension.  This actually has a bit of silver shimmer in it.

add your focal point.

I added my sleigh and 2 urns on mirrored platforms.

antique ornaments fill the sleigh beautifully.

Try using a tray or platter you already own and top it with something beautiful.  You could fill a tray with candles surrounded with pine-cones as a centerpiece.   Or fill a glass bowl with ornaments and place it on a tray layered with fresh pine branches.  -Meredith


More Christmas Decor! | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Loudoun, Virginia

It’s such a blessing to be welcomed into the home of a client to decorate their home for the holidays.  In this case my client is also my friend, Kelly.  Her home is gorgeous!  The decor is so beautiful and welcoming.  Adding Christmas decorations just makes it that much prettier.

Kelly purchased whimsical characters from our favorite store HomeGoods.  That place is dangerous!  They are bursting at the seems with adorable Christmas decor.  That elf is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I had to highlight her on the beautiful piano.  I also put pre-lit garland topped with some of the garland that coordinates with the adjoining living room, which helps the decor flow from room to room.

The mantel sparkles with mercury glass votives flanked with colorful Santas.


I love that there are so many shades of yellow, green and red available today to use at Christmas.  This runner on her black table is a bright pear green.  It works so well with her decor.  Keep linens like this out all year round.

I hope your home is filled with warmth and cheer this Christmas season.  -Meredith


Finishing Touches For Your Holiday Decor | Meredith Ehler | Home Decorator | Sterling, Virginia


an antique pin adds the perfect amount of sparkle.

Some holiday decor is perfect just as it is.  But others call out for embellishment. These blue and green cones are adorable as they are.  But this year I decided to add a bit of ribbon and a few ornaments to make it more interesting.



Winding around a few pipe cleaner ribbon and adding a few ornaments and an antique pin made these simple cones come to life.



Look around your house at your decor.  What is calling out for a little extra bling?