Chic Baby-bump Makeover – How to be Pregnant and Chic | Meredith Ehler | Stylist| Makeup Artist | Sterling VA



Meet Caity!  Pregnancy really agrees with her!  She is due next month with baby number 2!  Today she decided to treat herself to a pregnancy makeover with me. This is her “After” picture. My goal was that she would learn a few tips to make her beauty routine streamlined while she is pregnant. I wanted her to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and beautiful when she left!


Here is Caity’s “Before” picture you can see how pretty she is with no makeup at all. She showed up in comfy clothes, with the plan that we would demo an easy way to dress up her every-day look.  I wanted to give Caity a fresh-faced look that made her feel pretty but not too made up.

I have a degree in fashion and was a fashion stylist for years. There are simple ways to put together outfits that are both comfortable and cute! You can see that Caity’s outfit is super comfy and stylish.

I used natural, earthy colors on her eyes, emphasizing liner on the top lid so that she looks more awake and vibrant. Having a slight curl in her hair makes her look just a bit more dressy, but it didn’t take much time at all. I finished her hair with a light coat of hairspray. The humidity in can be pretty intense this time of year.

Here in Sterling, outside Washington, DC, life moves quickly. It is hard to set aside time for yourself. Caity brought a few outfit ideas that would work for a night out with girlfriends, or a date night with her hubby. We chose this one because it is something she would wear even if she weren’t pregnant.

I am so proud of her for setting time aside for herself! Consider giving yourself or someone you know a pregnancy makeover as a gift!



The Makeup Show Dallas | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Sterling, Virginia

2014-09-28 16.51.00 Just got back from attending another Makeup Show.  This one in the amazing city of Dallas.  The Makeup Show Dallas was the perfect combination of intensive education, dreamy makeup and creative inspiration.  From the moment I arrived at my hands-on class with Kathy Aragon, I knew this 3-day professional makeup conference was going to deliver! I spent all day in Kathy’s Makeup 101 class.  She went over every amazing detail of applying a face.  She is beyond talented!

2014-09-26 16.15.05 2014-09-26 16.55.55

The day got even more exciting as I attended the press event as a blogger, and got an overview of the next few days from the James Vincent, makeup artist to Lady Gaga, among many others. It got even better because I was given a loaded SWAG BAG!!! The night culminated in a makeup-star-studded cocktail party, at which I had the pleasure of interviewing none other than Ve Neil, James Vincent and Orlando Santiago! I will blog about the pearls of wisdom that they shared soon.

2014-09-26 17.31.17

2014-09-26 18.13.07

I cannot thank the city of Dallas enough for the warm welcome and all the beauty and excitement I experienced at the Hyatt Reunion Tower.

2014-09-25 19.00.35


2014-09-25 21.10.23

Dining in Wolfgang Pucks revolving restaurant at the top of the tower, riding elevators with the New Orleans Saints who were in town for the Cowboys game, and then ultimately going to the Dallas Cowboys game!  We managed to visit Southfork too!  That was actually my second visit.  Why did they cancel the new Dallas?  Why???

2014-09-28 21.53.13


2014-09-29 16.52.59

I just didn’t want to leave.  Southern hospitality feeds my soul, and so does the bar-b-que in Fort Worth!  Check back often, lot’s of posts with makeup tips to come!


Closet Makeover Services | Meredith Ehler | Image Consultant | Fairfax County, VA

Can you use a closet makeover?  If you answered “Yes!” you are not alone.  I recently received a comment on this very blog from a woman named Jill.  She was inquiring about my closet services and hoped to have me out to her home to organize her closet.  After exchanging a few emails we scheduled an appointment and I met her at her house.  We got right to work.

my closet.

my closet.

Jill has a great sense of style and knows what colors and styles look great on her so we didn’t spend too much time on those topics.  We spent most of our time analyzing the clothes she has and loves, discussing their condition and new ways to wear them.  Some clothing got sent to a “dry clean” pile because I may have detected a spot or stain.  Some got sent to a “charity” pile.  These items were ones that she no longer is enjoying yet they still have life left in them.  That way she can bless someone less fortunate with her still-wearable clothes.

The clothes we were left with were those that she still enjoys wearing and that still look great on her.  We organized them in a logical way in her closet.  I recommend hanging items in “like groups”.  I put her tanks and blouses together in order of sleeve legnth, color, and whether it’s for work or play.  We started on one end with tanks, then short sleeves, then long.  We hung her “work only” clothing in one area.  As some shirts could be work on both occasions, those were hung with her everyday shirts.  The end goal is that when she is getting dressed she can ignore the “work only” clothing and go straight to the everyday clothing.

We stored out of season clothing in a corner of the closet so that the first clothes she sees are those that she will wear most often.  She had a great hanging accessory organizer.  We purged that as well as a shoe bin.

My goal is always to leave my clients with a new happy place…their newly organized closet.  My wish is that each morning their closet greets them like a new best friend waiting to meet them for coffee.  I want getting dressed to be effortless and accessorizing a breeze.

I just heard from Jill and she is enjoying her new closet.  She said she enjoyed having me and may have me back as the season’s change to do the same thing to her winter wardrobe.  Did I mention she is smart too?  -Meredith



Come See Me at the Gaylord! | Meredith Ehler | Image Consultant | Northern Virginia

Ladies, come and join me at an amazing conference in the D.C. area.  I will be speaking at A Passion for Motherhood Conference on April 20th at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor.  The conference is going to be amazing.  It is the perfect girl’s day out!!!  So grab your girlfriends and prioritize yourself!   I am sure you will leave there feeling refreshed, informed and inspired to be the best you that you can be. This conference is going to be a blessing to you.

A Passion for Motherhood Conference

The Keynote Speaker is Debbie Phelps, Olympian Michael Phelps’ mother!!!

Register soon!  Click on the link below for more info and a video!

A Passion for Motherhood Conference




Accessorize In An Instant! | Meredith Ehler | Wardrobe Stylist | Loudoun County, Virginia

Some say that accessories make the outfit.  I know that I feel more put together when I am well accessorized.  But I don’t always make time to add finishing touches.  All of that changed when I bought a few key organization pieces.  Now that things are organized and I can see what I have I can add key pieces in an instant.

My accessories.

I use a tie hanger for necklaces.  A jewelry organizer from an accessory store is great for small pieces like earrings, pendants  and pins.  A few S-hooks are perfect for a few belts. And a felt lined scarf holder keeps my scarves organized without being wrinkled.  I have a jewelry organizer with bigger pockets for bracelets and flowers that  I use as hair accessories.



My super-chic girlfriend has a fantastic collection of jewelry.  She uses similar jewelry organizers.  Her organizers are juicy – stuffed to the brim with all kinds of treasures.

options, options!

more fun!

It’s time to get your accessories out of the drawers and bins so you can see them and get accessorized in an instant!  -Meredith


Save Money By Hiring A Closet Organizer | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Sterling, Virginia

Meres House-13 copy

Am I the only one who cleans out my kitchen pantry only to find that I have 4 bottles of ketchup?  When I am disorganized I tend to buy too much of one item because I can’t see that I already own a few.  The same thing happens in my closet because when i am disorganized I forge to wear the things I can’t find which is a waste of time and money!

my closet.

my closet.

Prioritizing yourself, your closet and your wardrobe can ultimately save you time and money.  Each time I organize a closet, the client feedback inevitably includes, “I had no idea I had so many pairs of jeans”, or “I had no idea i had so many necklaces….”.   When a client can stand at her closet and look in and see her clothing organized by item and color that means they can choose a well styled outfit quickly and easily.  They can see their entire wardrobe all at once, which means items will have a better chance at being used and enjoyed, making the most of your money.

Organized Necklaces.

Organized Necklaces.

When you know what you have – you know what you need.  My clients can shop with confidence knowing exactly what they own and what they may have over purchased or where they may have gaps in their wardrobe. I always gently encourage my clients to donate any items they are no longer enjoying, either because it no longer suits their style or because they have too many of one item to get enjoyment from each.   Based on the items that still work in their wardrobe I make suggestions on what to add, giving my clients confidence that the money they do spend in the future will be on the right pieces. My recommended future purchases will round out their wardrobes, maximizing the items they already have and enjoying getting dressed with ease.  -Meredith


Your Closet/Your Favorite Boutique | Meredith Ehler | Wardrobe Stylist | Sterling, Virginia

My closet client had a closet full of treasures!  When I arrived it was in disarray and when I left it looked like a boutique!

My client’s main goal for hiring me was to feel peace again when she looks at her closet. She got her wish!  Her closet is now organized in categories, just like a boutique, making getting dressed a joy!  Watching a closet go from piles of clothing to your favorite place to shop is so rewarding.  I am confident my client will enjoy peaceful mornings waking up to this closet!

After (just a few bins left to fill)

We started by organizing the loose piles of clothing.  Then we went through the hanging items.  We sorted everything into piles for different purposes.  Some clothing stays in the closet, some goes into personal storage for either the next season or the next size you plan to be.  Other clothing is set aside for charity donation and yet others are for consigning.  Some go to the cleaners to see if set in stains can be removed and if not successfully cleaned they will not be allowed back into the closet.  Some clothes that are stained or damaged beyond repair go straight to the trash.

Below is a before picture.

Next stop, her dresser drawers!   -Meredith


An Organized Closet in Just 2 Hours! | Meredith Ehler | Professional Organizer | Sterling, Virginia


A clean closet!  A dream for so many.  Well, it can be a reality!  And in as little as 2 hours!

Getting dressed should be easy and enjoyable.   But reality for many of us is very different.  Is your closet like this “After” picture OR like the below “Before” picture?

None of us seem to have the time to get caught up on life’s to-do list, let alone or organize our closets!  That is where I come in!

A client called me last week and said she wanted to have me organize her husbands’ closet as a surprise for him.  I was very excited to accept the challenge.  I am happy to say that in just 2 short hours his closet went from messy and stressful to organized and beautiful!

After seeing the below “Before” picture, it should come as no surprise that the lucky husband was thrilled!  He said being able to see all of his clothing and accessories organized and easily accessible has already changed his daily routine for the better.

The clients are both happy and I gave them a few suggestions on how to utilize the space even better.  I suggested they buy new, slim, felt hangers, which have rounded edges so they won’t leave any bumps in the shoulders of the shirts.  Also, having specialized hooks for ties, belts and baseball caps will finish off the space perfectly.  Allowing the client to see and access every accessory easily, and being able to place them back into their spots makes maintenance a breeze!

Leave me a comment below if you are ready to transform your closet!  -Meredith

Reflections from A Real Housewife | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Too much TV is bad for you – right? Well, as a self-proclaimed TV addict I choose to look at my favorite pass-time as inspirational.  Yes, sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not actually friends with Caroline Manzo.  As much as I would like to hang out with her and the rest of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she and I have not actually met – yet!  So in the meantime, I continue to enjoy my real relationships with real girlfriends here in Sterling, Va, and I use my girlfriends on my TV screen as inspiration to live life more beautifully.

Those crazy housewife shows are all about living life out loud.  So many of us in the suburbs are accustomed to driving our cars straight into the garage and putting the garage door down and have very little interaction with actual people.  We need to realize that life is richer with real relationships.  My answer to living life out loud is having as much girl-time as possible.  I like to have friends over.  I love to entertain.  I don’t need an excuse either.  A luncheon or girls night in can have a theme but don’t wait for an occasion to host a special gathering-create one!

Another way these  mavens of drama inspire me is that they make every aspect of thier life glamorous and beautiful.  As a makeup artist I love wearing makeup but sometimes I get lazy.  I usually don’t bother looking “done” unless I am attending an event.  But I feel so much better when I take the time to take care of myself.  I understand if a smokey eye may not be your thing, but consider taking a few extra minutes to accessorize, or put on lip gloss and mascara even when you are in sweats and a pony tail.  But just like Theresa and Melissa, you may see me at the local Bloom with a smokey eye and a teased bump in my hair.  Don’t be alarmed, I am just adding a little drama to my life!

Take a second and Look around your house and see where you could add a little beauty. Pull out a beautiful tray you use only at Christmas and dinner parties.  Challenge yourself to use it somewhere in your house.  Serve bread on it with a regular ol’ dinner, use it on the counter to hold your mail, or bring it up to your bedroom to display jewelry on your dresser or your bathroom and display your favorite makeup and perfumes.   It can really help you to feel special and princessey on those days that feel more like “Groundhog Day”.

I strongly suggest that you all try to find somewhere in your life where you can add a little more beauty, glamour or drama.  Take a minute to look around be inspired! -Meredith




Amusing Fashion | Meredith Ehler | Fashion Stylist | Sterling, Virginia

Headed to Disney?  If you are planning to go to an amusement park this summer I urge you to think about the practical aspects of your wardrobe versus the stylish ones before you go.  It may sound silly to get practical about fashion, but you will be happy you did. My family and I just got back from Disney and I was amused by some of the wardrobe choices made by park-goers. Some that stood out were a few ladies from over-seas sporting full length, colorful, tie-die, spandex unitards in 85 degree heat!

Here are a few my fashion do’s and don’ts while visiting amusement parks this summer:

Don’t Wear Full-length Spandex Unitards!

Make sure you choose loose fitting, comfortable, light-colored clothing.  Clothing that is too tight could cause discomfort.

Don’t Wear Black!

Wearing dark colors makes you HOT – not in a good way!  Dark colors absorb the sun’s heat and feels like you are wearing a heating blanket.

Do Choose the Right Shoes!

At Disney I saw women wearing heels, flip flops, wedges, you name it.  Consider wearing closed toe shoes like sneakers with socks (there are plenty of slip on cute sneakers out there if you can’t bear to wear traditional sneakers).  This may sound too hot or confining but it is the best choice for your feet.  When you wear slip on shoes or heels it causes your foot to be fatigued faster than a shoe that is tight on your foot.  Your foot has to work to keep on flip flops and slip ons, and most flip flops offer no arch support.  You will be doing more walking than usual and your feet will appreciate the support.  It’s OK, go ahead and be comfortable, the fashion police will NOT be there!

Remember that you may be riding rides where your feet dangle off the ride, shoes can easily be lost on these rides.

Do wear Sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a girl’s best friend.  I just got a Fraxel laser facial which removes a lot of sun damage.  Sunscreen is a must to keep us looking young and to prevent skin cancer, of which my mom is a survivor. Don’t forget your shoulders under your tee shirts.  Clothing is said to be only an SPF 7.

Don’t forget your Accessories:

Warning: Some of these suggestions are extreme practical applications of fashion (not style).  Fashionistas should consider removing these items before taking any pictures!

Bright Colored Hats.

Wearing hats/baseball caps in bright colors really comes in handy.  It will be so much easier to spot each other in a crowd.  Thanks to my Aunt Joan we all have fire-engine-red baseball caps to use when we go to our next park.

Spray Bottles with Fans.

We bring a spray water bottle with a battery operated fan with us to hot parks.  It’s a wonderful treat to mist yourself as you are running around in sweltering heat.

Fanny Packs.

Ok, I will totally deny this if anyone asks me, but I will be honest with you all…I wore a fanny pack this last trip to Disney.  I KNOW – IT’S AWFUL!  Having a degree in fashion, and being a card-carrying fashionista this is a crime!  But listen here, it was fabulous!  It was freeing!  I know, sad but true!  I reluctantly bought the least offensive, pink fanny pack with Minnie Mouse on it. I hung on it my Swarovski crystal Minnie key chain which made it tolerable, even cute.  I really was happy I had it when we went on Tower of Terror or Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios!  I never had to worry about a thing falling out! I did find a pair of sunglasses left on the Tower of Terror, probably from someone who was NOT wearing a fanny pack! -Meredith