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Living in the Washington, DC area brings a lot of benefits. One benefit is choice. Loudoun County, Virginia is no different. I know you have a choice in what makeup artist you use for your special events in your life and I wanted to say thank you to all of my clients and thank you to all of you who voted me Best Makeup Artist in Posh Seven Magazine. I am so grateful! Please know that my clients mean the world to me. I wake up every day feeling blessed to be able to serve all of you and to get to do what I love.


My goal is that each of my clients leave my studio feeling even more beautiful than when they walked in. I try to pass on tips and techniques whenever a client is here, whether she is here for head-shot makeup, wedding makeup, or a makeup lesson.

Again, thank you to all of you who have been supported all of these years. I am so excited to announce that I have now added another service for my clients. I am now selling the highest quality makeup at affordable prices: LimeLight Cosmetics! For years I have had to send my clients to the mall or multiple websites to get the products they need. I have waited years until I found the perfect makeup and skincare for my clients and LimeLight fits all of requirements I was looking for: high-end, professional quality products, super-affordable prices, gorgeous packaging and everything you need being right at your fingertips – you can order right on my website! This makeup and skincare is the actual makeup I have purchased as I travel the country attending professional industry makeup shows. The best of each brand is now re-packaged for you the consumer and all now in the same line - LimeLight!

If you are interested in a makeup lesson in person or via skype leave me a message or contact me on my website: I look forward to empowering you to have the best quality makeup at your fingertips and you knowing the techniques that will enable you to have the most rewarding and streamlined makeup routine possible!

To see the makeup click here: Limelight

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Bridal Makeup | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Sterling, Virginia


creation waits pic

Beautiful Ilene!  In anticipation of their first anniversary I wanted to pay tribute to an amazing couple!  Howard and Ilene got married last August as family and friends surrounded them on their special day. The bridal party was gorgeous and the Bride – stunning!


I had such a wonderful time getting to know Ilene.  Before her wedding we did a bridal makeup and hair consultation. She also scheduled one for her mother and mother-in-law. At the consultation we discuss the bride’s style and beauty wishes.  I customized a look for her and her bridal party.  I did hair and makeup for her and all of her bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. It was wonderful getting to everyone!

ilene and me

My goal is always to capture the bride’s style and enhance it so that she feels like a princess! That includes making sure she stayed cool on a hot August day! I was blessed to be a part of their special day!  God bless you both!


Photo Credit: Creation Waits Photography


Bridal Makeup For Your Wedding Day | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Today I had the pleasure of doing a makeup trial for bride-to-be Kristy – what a doll! She is getting married soon so we did a trial look for her to ensure she looks gorgeous as she walks down the aisle.  We discussed the look Kristy had in mind for her big day.

FOUNDATION: Make sure your skin is prepped so that your foundation will look flawless. I used a liquid foundation in a shade that was perfect for her skin-tone.  I added a bit of powder to set her foundation.

EYES:  I applied an eye primer to ensure her eye shadow stays put.  Her eyes are amazing so they were so much fun to do.  We opted to use a MAC pigment for shimmer on the lid.  I used a light burgundy in her crease and black eyeliner, set with a deep plum shadow.  We added a few coats of black mascara and few single false eyelashes (not a full strip) to the outer corner of her eyes –  for wispy, gorgeous lashes!

LIPS: We lined her lips and filled them in completely with the liner, and popped it with some gloss.  Lining the entire lip in a color that is close to your lip color ensures that color will stay on your lips longer than if you use liner only on the edges.

SPARKLE: I approach sparkle in bridal makeup conservatively.  It is important that you minimize any reflective makeup so that you look don’t look shiny in your pictures. You may consider taking a few pictures with a flash after your trial to make sure there are no distracting reflections.




Personalized Bridal Makeup | Meredith Ehler | Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Beautiful Melissa!  What an honor to be a part of her wedding as her makeup artist and wedding coordinator.  This very special day celebrated love, God and friendship.

the beautiful bride. 

This bride wanted have natural makeup on her big day.  She wanted a soft, beautiful look to go with her simple, beautiful style.  Her bridesmaids were in bright pink and each one had her own individual flair.  I was privileged to do makeup for some of the bridal party as well.

beautiful bridesmaids. photographer: garrett hubbard.

The weather was amazing, the guests were plenty, and the pink and orange cakepops devoured!  God shone down on the couple on that day and blessed everyone in their presence!

the happy couple. 

Thank you to Garrett Hubbard for the beautiful pictures. -Meredith

June Bride Makeup | Meredith Ehler | Bridal Makeup Artist | Northern Virginia

Every June, women all over the country prepare to live out their dream of becoming the quintessential June bride.  You may actually be one of those women.  If you are I send you heartfelt wishes for a wonderful day. But if you are instead a bride in waiting, or a bridesmaid of one, you may be discussing about hiring someone to style makeup and hair for you and your bridal party the day of the wedding.

Having a professional makeup artist and hair stylist come to style you the day of your wedding has become just as big a part of the day as having photographer.  And with today’s high resolution cameras (still and video) being able to capture every pore on your face, hiring a professional makeup artist  it is not longer considered a luxury –  it’s a necessity!

Just last week I did a consult for a bride and her mother.  We had a fabulous time!  Consults are so important.  They help the stylist know what it is you are looking for, ensuring your wedding day to go smoothly and you to look beautiful!  The wedding day is not the day to be testing out eye shadow colors!

The bride brought her veil, headpiece, and ideas and pictures of what she had in mind for the big day to the consult.  We started with discussions about styles for her hair and headpiece and veil.  We tried a few styles and loved the way her hair looked half up and half down.  Her veil and headpiece are separate so we had to come up with a style that would not be too bulky, having to pin in all of these pieces.  And the bride was smart enough to let me know she tends to get headaches after her hair has been up for a while.  That is such helpful information for me as a stylist.  I would hate to style an elaborate hair style and end up having a bride in pain by the end of the reception.

After deciding upon the perfect hair style we tried on a variety of makeup looks, varying colors and application of her makeup.  We played with the amount of and colors of eye makeup she was comfortable with, eventually arriving on a beautiful combination of natural browns.  This bride didn’t want too much sparkle or color, as she does not wear makeup on a daily basis.  It is important for her to feel comfortable with her hair an makeup, making sure it represents who she is, just a bit more glammed up!  I styled her mom as well, discussing her makeup and what colors would compliment her beautiful wysteria dress.

Having her makeup done by a professional ensures that her pictures will be even more beautiful and timeless!  Consider hiring your makeup artist to stay and do touch-ups throughout the wedding.  Having your stylist work with the photographer throughout the night to make sure the last photo is as picture perfect as the last.

The consult ended with a plan on how the bride’s special day will go.  We discussed through prior emails and phone calls, as well as at the consult, how the day would begin, the number of girls that would require services and set up times and locations of services.  It was a very productive few hours, as well as a fun excuse to get to wear your veil!           -Meredith